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Saturday, 31 March 2012

I'm a Winner Thanks to ART IS BEAUTY!

You'll never believe what I won!  Thank you so much to
Karin for hosting this fabulous give-away!!  Karin's blog
ART IS BEAUTY is truly beautiful.  If you haven't checked
it out - I encourage you to do so now! 

Just click here!

$150 worth of Krink Permanent Paint Pens!!

Thank you again to Karin - I can't wait to get
painting with my new pens!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Vintage Perfume "Crate"

I am taking great creative license when I actually call
this little box a perfume crate - however that is what I
think it looks like.  This was one of those "on-the-fly"
crafts - I actually did this before work this morning.....
what can I say, when the urge to create hits - you just
gotta go with it!

Here's the before of the little box - it's about 8"x10".
I had to lose the dirty raffia and the loopy wire first.
(It was $2.50 at my fav Thrift Store)

I had these knobs left over from this makeover - most
of them were broken on the original chest of drawers
so this was a good way to repurpose the leftover ones
that were still intact.
Once I removed the metal "star" plates on each side -
I printed the graphic on canvas transfer paper and actually
ironed it onto the side of the box. 
It was an easy-peasy morning craft makeover! 
I lined the inside with a pretty little piece of scrapbook paper.
And there you have it.....ready for some pretty frenchy perfume
bottles or maybe on the bathroom counter with some faceclothes and
soap?  I am sure it will be put to good use!
The roses are a little added bonus - I usually keep cut flowers
around the house and these little gems have lasted well
over a week now.....
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

p.s. I know the pics aren't great but that's
how I roll at 0530 a.m.!

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

California Comes North......

Say what?  California in British Columbia?

Why yes, indeed, it's true.....the lovely
California Sea Lion colonies have made their
way north to the waters off Vancouver Island to
feast on the annual herring run.

So, without further ado - here are the
seal-ebrities *groan* from California!

And some fishing boats thrown in for good measure....

Mr. Biff and I stopped at Fanny Bay just to stretch our
legs and were greeted with the loudest barking you can
imagine.  These beauties are anything but quiet and are surprisingly
HUGE!  I don't know how many were crammed onto the
floats but they were constantly vying for the best position.

One of the many reasons I love the Pacific Northwest - nature
is never further than your back doorstep.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring has Sprung!

The grass has riz....I wonder where them birdies is?
I have been lollygagging around - not quite feeling myself
but not quite sick - somewhere in between.  I thought
maybe if I shared this little Spring vignette I might make
us all feel a little more hopeful that the rain/snow will
stop and the sun will shine again!

I got the adorable felted wool bunnies at a thrift store
down Island.   They, and a few nests with birds and eggs
are my only Spring/Easter decor at the moment.
The little round brass frame was 99 cents with a picture
cut out of a magazine from the 50's in it.  I replaced it with
a little collage I made with graphics from Karen at the
Graphics Fairy.  I love the tarnished brass and the little
dimpling along the frame - it has a lovely old chain to
hang from too.
The bird's nest below was totally covered in 80's style
dried flowers that were so dusty and old they almost
scared me off of spending the whopping 50 cents this nest was
priced at....but a little peeling of good old glue gun sticky
and off came the old.  A quick rinse and laid out to dry
removed most of the old dust.  Now a lovely little
ceramic robin calls it home (altho the eggs should be
blue - no?).  A modest few silk flowers and voila - a whole new look!
My little white ceramic bird was a gift from a Christmas
party exchange.  I held onto her while people were stealing
and exchanging gifts all around me!
The whole little vignette is comprised entirely of thrift
store finds with the exception of the white bird. Even the
lamp was a thrifty find at $5. The silver tray the bunnies
are sitting on - $3.
Now....c'mon Spring....we're ready!!

d me.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

This Little Light......

I'm going to let it shine! 

It's a wee bit dirty and the yellow "glass" is
flaking off....but it has some style and it was
thrown in with a bunch of stuff - that I will show
you later this week.  The whole lot cost $5 so I
would say this one was about 50 cents.
A little elbow grease - some steel wool to clean the
glass and here she is.....
I think the glass wanted to be clear and who doesn't love
a little soft blue paint.....isn't she a beauty? 
I hope that your weekend was as good as mine! 
Mr. Biff and I went to Victoria and had a blast
on our day off!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I'm Back...with Thrifty Finds!

I'm glad to say I am back from a long week of sniffles!  I am
much better and have to say I had the best day ever with Mr. Biff
yesterday!  We went up Island on the old highway and wound
our way up the Coast.  It was lovely!

Of course - we had to hit a few thrift stores on the way (how
can you resist thrifting in a different town?)

Here's a couple of the things we found.
I am on a roll with picking up turqouise items including
the little teal coloured glass conductor bell.  Love it!  The
little ceramic disk is kind of cool - not sure what I will
do with it but I am sure I will figure out something!  The
little tin and the giant clothepin will go on my desk.
I also found this metal architectural detail - again not sure
what I will use it for by the gears are grinding....stay tuned.
I've totally fallen in love with linens....this table cloth has
beautiful tone on tone embroidery and cutwork.

The best find of the day - hands down was this little
crock I picked out of the box of items destined for
the shelves but not yet unpacked.  It was a whopping
3 bucks and is valued at about $50-$75 online.  The
company, Medalta was in operation from the early
1900's to the mid 50's.  Score one for me!

Hope you had a good week and thanks for sticking
around while I was absent!

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