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Monday, 31 October 2011

Having a ghooooooulishly fun evening.....

Hope you are all enjoying a safe and
happy Halloween!  Mr. Biff and I have
really been digging an evening that is

Friday, 28 October 2011

Waiting on the Mail......

Well there's one thing I have learned for sure
 "snail-mail" is called that for a reason! 
 Sherry for Decorating with Cents finally rec'd
her necklace from my giveaway here
 (seems like eons ago!)

To add to the slow mail dilemma - I had packed
the original necklace and couldn't find it!
(Still don't know which box it is in).
Thankfully Sherry was happy to take
this one in it's place!

Thanks Sherry for sharing your win: 
check Sherry's blog Decorating with Cents out here:

 I am linking up to Rebecca's Meet Me Monday #9
here.  Please join me for the fun of meeting each other
and discovering some new bloggy friends!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Looks Like We Made It......

Whahoo......we made it!  We are "officially"
moved into the new digs!

The movers came and went today with
seemingly little effort (maybe because Mr.
Biff and I have been hauling stuff back
and forth for 2 weeks already!)

Here's a great shot of three ferries going
between Vancouver Island and the mainland.
Mr. Biff took this on one of our lunch breaks!

Anyway - now the FUN begins!  I get
to refinish all my great old new pieces and
have some home decorating fun!

Mr. Biff pulled together this awesome
meal as a first supper....notice the classy
tea-towel placemats (can't find the real
ones!) and the classy soup pot salad

Glad to be back and hope you will
follow along with us as we do up this
great rental home on a tiny budget keeping
in mind that everything has to
be made "to go".....


Monday, 10 October 2011

Temporary Time-Out To Move....

I might be a little lax on the blogging for
the next 10 days or so as we prepare for our's SO fun once it's done but man
oh man - it's a LOT of work.  This little clipart
reminded me of Mr. Biff driving our little red
truck back and forth to the new house this
past week.  Bless his heart he's a good man!

We are drowning in boxes at our old
house and trying to get it ready for the
landlord to show to potential new renters.

It's a delicate balance moving between
rental homes - out on the 31st and in on
the 1st - I've never figured out what you are
supposed to do overnight...LOL.   Thank
goodness we had the foresight to "double"
rent for a couple of weeks....makes things
much easier if you can swing it.

And then there's the pooches....worried because
everything is getting packed (again!)

Don't worry girls - you will be coming with us!

Some would say this is the prime time to purge but
honestly - I am just keeping my head above water
with packing and moving most of the
little stuff ourselves.

Then there's the "real" moving day when the
truck with the nice strong men comes!

And then.....


So don't lose sight of me while we are moving
I will try to check in with mini-posts!

Be good!  Be blessed!

all photos  & clipart from Google Images

Saturday, 8 October 2011

One Lonely Blue Jar.....

One is the loneliest number that
you'll ever do (Thank you Three
Dog Night!)

It's true....I am blue....but oh so crazy
excited!  I got my very first Blue Ball Jar.
Now does that make me some kind of
graduate blogger?  I have searched and
searched my little island world over to try and
find the lovely blue-ness of the blue ball jar
but alas to no avail.

When I stumbled on this one little jar in the
bottom of a miscellaneous box of canning jars
at the local recycling depot today I nearly
peed my pants  - I was THAT
excited - I even did my dance of joy!

The lady who does the pricing thought I
had lost it.  She had trouble relating to my
obvious joy at finding the jar and then, if
you can believe it she said
(NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, tell me it's not so)

"Someone brought in a whole case of those
last week"....whaaaa.....?????

So for now I am left with one lonely blue
jar but suddenly I feel so grown up and somehow
part of a somewhat exclusive club......

A girl can dream.....

What to do with the one jar.......?

Maybe something like this!

Hope you're having a great weekend
and remember....

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Moving on up.....

Well, we finally decided that it was time to
move on up to a bigger place.  I am so excited
to move (well not the packing/moving/unpacking
part)!  I have collected, over the past few months
several key pieces of furniture that were just
begging for the right place to live.

Now they will get their chance to be reborn,
repurposed, repainted, reupholstered or just
generally re-done!  Can't wait!

If you will bear with me while we get
through the necessity of moving - the
"other side" promises to be an ongoing
smorgasbord of furniture and decorating
delights.  Here are just a few of the pieces
we (Mr. Biff has to take some credit here)
have collected to work on:

Mr. Biff picked up this beauty today - a
pedestal table has been on my "most wanted"
list for a long time - this one has a leaf as well.
You will never guess how much it cost.....
nothin', nadda, zero, zippo, zilcharooni!!!
Can't you see it with a walnut top and distressed feet?

 Hutch - to be reborn in white
 Fireplace (mantel only) to be shabbied up....

 Headboard for spare bedroom - picture me minty
green and distressed....

Mr. Biff's (working) stereo cabinet - white maybe? 

These two little beauties will be a lovely blue in
their new lives....

Soooooooo much more to show and tell - such
fun - I can't wait!!  I started my Pinterest boards
to gather let's get movin'!!

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
and I would like to take this opportunity to say
a HUGE thank you to everyone who walked
and/or ran today in Canada's
 CIBC Run for the Cure!

The statistics for breast cancer are such that
it is near impossible not to know someone
(or many) who have been affected.

My dear friend LM and her son walked
today in the rain.....

R with his Pink Ribbon Tattoo 

As a survivor I can tell you there's no
better gift than to be in someone's thoughts
and prayers!  I don't talk about it a lot but am
happy to share my story if it helps anyone at
any time to lighten their worries.  I am one of
the fortunate ones.  My dear sister Jewel was not
so lucky and succumbed at the young age of 43
to this nasty disease. 

Julie & I when we were young.....

It changed my life when she died and needless
to say affected me even further when I fought
my own fight. 

What I learned.....
Take nothing for granted, don't
be held hostage by your past and never,
ever postpone joy!

With love and a glad heart.....
Think Pink!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Lazy Blogger.......

It would seem that I may have become a lazy
blogger.....oh, it's not that I don't have a lot to say
I always do!  However, I have not been in the mood
to write this week for some reason. *sigh*

 Mr. Biff and I are getting
ready to move and while that's very
 exciting - it's also a little daunting!

We are moving to a lovely house in the same
town we currently live in.  It's much newer
 and much larger!  Yeah!

I will share some pictures in the next few days of
the new place.

In the meantime - we (Mr. Biff and I) had a great
day out today - down Island.  Picked up some
fun's just a small sample:

Aren't those bookends fun?  and is it just me or
does everything look better in turquoise?!

I hope you had as much fun today as we did!

p.s. the agate necklace giveaway (on my last post)
was won by "Decorating with Cents".....congrats!~