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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Landfill Rescue

Isn't "landfill" a much nicer work than "the dump"?  Either way
this beautiful chair was destined to make it's way to that place of
no return.  The seat of the chair was a little wonky and definitely
needed work but people.....look at the chair itself.  It was dirty and
has had one small repair on one arm but it is gorgeous!
(Warning - this is a photo-laden post!)
Here she is when we brought her home.  There was no thought
of painting her despite my tendency to paint everything!  The wood
grain on this red oak is just marvelous and the craftsmanship of the
chair itself (put together with wooden dowels) speaks for itself.

Mr. Biff cleaned and waxed the wood and took care
of pulling all the old nails.

I threw in a little liquid encouragement to keep him going!

I guess Mr. Biff didn't want his picture taken huh?  He grabbed
that pillow so fast I barely got a chance to click the shutter!!

 I restrung and covered the seat - a good collaborative effort.......

The little spade keyhole cutout in the back of the chair likely dates
this chair to the late 19th century although with no maker's mark
it's impossible to be sure.  The style is called a spool chair because
of the beautiful turned spindles on the legs.

Only the best fabric could cover this lovely and for those of you
who live on Vancouver Island or the Lower Mainland you know there
was just one place to go to get the best and that was Chintz & Company
in Victoria.  This Williamsburg fabric is a vintage looking damask
 and a perfect match for the chair.

 What do you think?  Isn't she a beauty?

She'll be for sale on our local "Used Nanaimo" page later
today and we'll see if anyone else loves her like we do!

If you are interested and live in the area - please contact me
for more information.

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here - still time to enter - giveaway closes June 9th at midnight PST.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Giveaway!

I have a very cool piece of digital scrapbooking software to show you
today and bonus - there's a giveaway for you to try it too!

When Liz from My Memories asked if I would like to review this
fabulous scrapbooking tool - I didn't hesitate.  I love to play with photos
and graphics and create cool looking digital scrapbook images.

Loading the software was easy and it took no time at all for me
to get in the swing of creating the following digital scrapbook pages.

 These are images from my blog - what a great way to preserve
a post!  I had fun with the embellishments on these ones!
Anyone who knows me knows I love to create collages and look
at what I did this morning in about 15 minutes using the My Memories
digital software - it was amazingly easy and thanks to Karen at the
Graphics Fairy - all the images are free and were easy to add.  "Paris" was
done using the text tool in the scrapbook software as was the flourish!

And last, but not least - I did this little calendar in less than 10 minutes - now
how easy would it be to give these out at your market booths as a promo
for your blog.  Just print on cardstock and the digital software does the rest!
Again, thanks to the Graphics Fairy to the beautiful graphics!

If you are someone who likes to capture their memories in a scrapbook
format - this software is for you.  It's fast easy and seems to have
amazing options for formating, adding bling to your pages and
preserving your photo fun on the my memories suite
for years to come!

You have 3 chances to enter to win your own copy of
the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking software:

1. You must be a follower of The Painted Pear - or become one and
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2.  You don't have to have a blog to enter - you can "like" My
Memories on Facebook for a chance to win!  Again, please leave a
comment letting me know you have done so and if you don't have
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3.  Visit the My Memories page and come back here to leave a
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Contest closes June 9th at midnight PST.  I will announce the
winner on Sunday, June 10th.  Good Luck and, in the meantime,
go check it out @ My

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Playing with Cutlery....

For quite some time I have wanted to make a "place setting" wall hanging
for my dining room.  My dining room is a work in progress but I have been
seeing these all over the internet....all the creative people out there re-purposing
old cutlery into art.  So here's my attempt - I think I will try another one but
this one will "hang around" for awhile!

This one is nothing special - just a cheap set of 10 cent cutlery from
a thrift store....
A little ORB.....
Then a little white craft paint dry "dabbed" on  - once it was dry I did
the same with some pretty blue paint.
The background was this little re-purposed plaque - it was the perfect
size and was only 95 cents.  I just covered it with some pretty
 scrapbook paper...shabbied up the edges a bit.
When I turned it over I found this sweet little note:
July 8, 1998
My Dear Tara,
I was in the mall today and saw this picture and thought of you!
I sure miss my little girl.  See you at the end of July.  Love to David,
All My Love, Mom!!
I felt bad for a moment or two before I slapped on the modge-
podge - I did leave the note on the back - as a little "provenance"....
*giggle*  hope Mom & Tara won't mind too much!
Here's a tip:  I buy up all the plaques I find that are in
good shape - they make great gifts covered with scrap paper
or your own images - a really easy way to mount photos or
artwork to make it display ready.  All those old "Holly Hobby"
plaques are just begging for a new life and most thrift
stores have tons - they range from 25 cents to a buck!

This is what I ended up with:
If I try it again (and you know I will!) I think I will do monochromatic
white on white and maybe do just all spoons or just all forks.....

What do you think?  For less than $2 it's going to be a cute little
addition to my dining room wall and will fit well with the hints of
turquoise and teal I have planned.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

I'm Back.....

I missed blogging but have been keeping up with
all of YOUR adventures - you are a busy, crafty,
thrifty, diy'ing lot!

 I have been a very busy gal!  It's been beautiful weather
 here on Vancouver Island altho
the proverbial tide is going to turn apparently tomorrow to....
rain!  On the West Coast we don't tan - we rust!

Anyway, I have been working on a few things so over the
next few days I will post about them - here's one:

Mr. Biff and I picked up these funky chairs at the Recycle
Depot - they were in horrid shape but were just what I needed
for this little project.

I found the seat cover at a thrift store for $2 - it's actually a cushion
cover with a zipper and all but it tucked in nicely!
I don't have a before pic (bad blogger) - but I can tell you that
a little glue and no intention of ever sitting on them fixed them
right up!  I dry brushed on some blue craft paint and put a cushion
cover on one and a fairy garden on the other....

These sit at our front door to welcome friends, family and
fairies alike!

I've had a bad migraine for the past few days and today a
lovely friend and co-worker dropped off this little miniature
rose - isn't she a beauty!
I feel better already!
Thank you Jackie - you are a sweetheart!

Glad to be back,

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Blogging Blahs.....

It had to happen - blogging at 947 mph (ok maybe only 500 mph)
and I hit a wall.....a blogging wall.  It must be like writer's block for
a novelist (oh to be so lofty). 

 I just haven't felt compelled to write lately. But....
I know I want to continue and I know I do love it!!

 I do hope that my followers will continue to follow me
because I do have some cool projects with "how I did it" to share.

I thought this quote kind of sums it up for me!

(Source for Photos: Google Images)