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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Back to the Blog...

I did have a wonderful get-away - thanks almost entirely to my
dear friend LM and her fabulous 3 yr old son.  They made me
feel so welcome in their home!  It was really lovely.  Here they
are having dinner with me right before they dropped
me off at the airport to fly home.
LM had agreed to babysit (or should I say "puppy-sit") a
sweet little 8 week old basset hound puppy for a friend.
The dog was adorable but do you know how often
puppies need to go outside?  I had forgotten how much
attention a puppy requires!  Louie is cute but he was
a great reminder of why rescuing adult dogs is such
a great idea!
On Friday, when I got back home, Mr. Biff and I
dropped off our recyling (in the rain)
and took a quick tour of the recyling store.  I am guessing
a local tea store may have closed and there were
all these cool tea tins.  I debated about buying a few
but stuck to just one - I had an idea that I might
use it for dog food as it is big enough to hold a whole
large bag full.
Here's the before:
And here's the after:
I poked a hole in the lid and attached a ceramic knob that I
recently purchased - it's a black & white frog and
I painted one panel with good old chalkboard paint.
I thought the  knob would do until I can find something
more dog-appropriate...LOL.
I did get some other goodies too - spent a total of $5 -
I will show you the rest tomorrow.
For now - one more little pic of
little Louie....

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Lydia Criss Mays said...

OH, we just love your blog. First, we identified instantly a wonderful heart in you via your love for puppies and rescuing adult dogs. We were hooked. That's all it took! Your craftiness is a wonderful added bonus. Looking forward to visiting again soon and being inspired! We think you'd like See Beautiful too!

Happy seeing beautiful!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

Oops! we forgot to tell you we're your newest GFC and linky followers too! :)

c.w.frosting said...

Cute! Chalk labeling is so fun! Visiting & following from the LF hop!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Lori said...

You have been tagged...have fun!

Frazzled Mom of Five said...

This is too dern cute! I love the chalk!
New Follower!
~Jen @ frazzled five

Lori Stokes Wright said...

How cute! Love your dog too :) Found you at Meet Me Monday

Cinnamon Rose Cottage said...

Hello Peggy,
I found your blog through Lori's blog tag at Bleak 2 Unique. You blog is lovely and it's nice to meet you and I'm glad I found your blog!
Have a wonderful day,

Marilyn said...

Sooo cuuute :))) Lovely blog you have here.. I am stopping in via Linky followers hop to follow ya with smiles & GFC.. Hope you can stop in and follow back sometime.. I'm Marilyn via ... wishing ya a great evening.. ;))

Jane said...

Love it! Especially Mr. Frog :)

Mandy said...

Hi Peggy, thanks so much for sharing your Tea Tin Dog Food Container. I love it! I will be sharing it tonight at Project Queen's Highlight Party.

Hope you come back this week!