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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom....And a Riddle....

Ok, I just can't take myself seriously enough to keep up the wise words.
I like the idea of mixing it up a little more and think that just "Wednesday's
Words" might be a better title.  I won't feel so compelled to channel my
inner philosopher......instead I will continue to just "be me".
(I am poking fun at me here - sometimes I just get too
philosophical with my quotes....LOL)
So what's up?  Here's a riddle for you.....some of you may have seen
this before.  For the record most kindergartener's got it while most college
graduates did riddle me this.....
What is greater than God?
The poor have it.
The rich want it.
If you eat it you will die.
I am sure most of you will get it but please leave me a comment to
tell me you got it or not.....and if you didn't - wanna know?
Hugs & Blessings,

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

This Little Peggy Went to Market.....


The weather here on the Island has been stellar! Cool nights,  
warm days - it's perfection! In preparation for a market
 that The Painted Pear (yeah me!) is hosting along with
a local winery (yes we have vineyards on the Island
who knew?),  Mr. Biff and I have been going to several local
markets in search of vendors.  
We've met some AWESOME people in the process!
You know who you are!
 We've made our way around 4 local markets in the last week
or so - one right here in the city of Nanaimo, one just north of the
city in Lantzville and two south of us - in Cedar and Duncan.
I have some photos from those last two markets to share today.
This is the Cedar market - it's in a huge field - it's so "countrified" - it's a lovely
stroll around the field whilst being serenaded by the musician(s) du jour.
The photos below are of Duncan - this is a fairly small town but it sure knows
how to host a market. People come from all over Vancouver Island to attend
this Saturday market.
 Can you see the guy in the tye-dyed t-shirt in this photo below?
 Mr. Biff was “stalking” him trying to get a pic - his socks were
 tye-dyed to match  his t-shirt: stylin'!
Getting excited about the Vintage/Craft Fair - stay tuned for more information
coming up along with a great giveaway to celebrate the recycled/repurposed
vintage style we love so much!
Hugs & blessings to you my friends,

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Photo Frustration

I am here but for some reason unable to post all the cool
photos I have to share.  I am working on the problem - in the
meantime if anyone knows of a solution - I am simply getting
an error message in the photo upload window saying "cannot
contact server".  I've tried everything and am wondering if it's
blogger, Picasso or my computer....

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

When I type the blog post title I feel a little like a fraud.  Do you ever
have those feelings of being a pretender or an imposter - just waiting
for someone to figure out that you're not all that (and a bag of chips!)?

There's an actual phenomenon known as "imposter's syndrome"
basically means that someone is acting a certain part (like being a CEO and
waiting for someone to figure out you're just like the next guy).

As we get older we become (hopefullly) more comfortable in just being
who we are and caring a little less about what others are thinking about us.
For me it was one of the true blessings of getting older - becoming more
comfortable in my own skin!

Along those lines - here's a little quote for your mid-week wise words:

Let the world know you as you are, not
 as you think you should be, because
sooner or later, if you are posing,
you will forget the pose, and
then where are you? 
~Fanny Brice~

Blessings & Hugs all'round!

Monday, 20 August 2012

A Little Yard Sale...

Well, Mr. Biff and I did the old yard sale thing last weekend and did ok so we
joined up with a friend from work and hauled our "stuff" over to her condo
complex to try again this Saturday.  We didn't really make any money - but
let me explain - there was a huge garage sale across the street that was huge
did I say it was huge already?  Anyway, we managed to drop a little cash there
and, of course, when there is more than just my "stuff" at a sale like the one
we set up at on Saturday - I can always manage to spend some money there
too....but hey - look what I got!!
$5 for all these little Fiskar Scrapbook scissors AND the stand?  Can you
believe it?

This quilt set was $10 - it will be perfect on my day bed!

Here's some shots of the venue - it was HOT out on the pavement!

And here's Mr. Biff's big score over at the huge garage sale going on
across the street.  It really was HUGE!

Hugs & blessings my friends for a lovely week.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom (It's For the Birds!)

My new year's resolution (I know it's August) always contains this same line every
year - that I will not judge others - it's SO much easier said than done - I am not even
remotely mean-spirited and yet at times I find myself judging based on appearances or
personalities......I am trying to be open and welcoming to diversity and see each person
as a unique creation not as someone recently released from the cookie cutter!

When people are are quick to judge others I often think it's like a kind of "deflection"
away from self while others are so quick to harshly judge themselves. 
I wrote a post last year about "smooshie vision" - it's still something I totally subscribe
to and hope you will have a re-read and apply it to your creations!

I found these quotes for you today and this oh so funny video as a great reminder
of what happens when we judge or mock others......

If you haven't seen this little clip - please watch it and
have a laugh.....

And here are Wednesday's Words......enjoy!

"It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes"
~Sally Field~

"Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see.  Judge yourself and you
see judges everywhere.  But if you can listen to the sound of your own voice,
you can rise above doubt and judgment and you can see forever"
~Nancy Lopez~

And oh, btw - I will have some thrifty/crafty posts coming up!
I've been busy trying to organize a Vintage/Handmade Fair!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Calling All Van Isle Bloggers

I am arranging a "vintage/handmade" fair in mid to late September for 2 days
Saturday and Sunday on Vancouver Island (Nanaimo) - dates TBA.

It will be co-hosted by me (The Painted Pear) and Millstone
Winery - a lovely cottage winery.

If you are a blogger who has items to sell and are on Vancouver Island
I would really like to hear from you!  Space is available (cheap!) and
there should be a good turnout - we will be advertising the heck out of
it.....there will be wine tasting and a BBQ hosted by the winery along
with some background music provided by a local musician.

If you are interested (and feel free to
forward to other local bloggers)
 please email me at:

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

This is quite possibly my favourite quote ever.  I thought, when I decided to
write Wednesday's Words of Wisdom I would try not to get to "deep" but
once in a while life deals you something and you find yourself falling back
on old habits and dredging up old hurts.  The truth may set you free but
forgiveness really is divine.  Forgiveness can be difficult but I know, first hand,
it can also be the most kind thing you do not just for others but for yourself.

"Forgiveness is the scent that the violet
sheds on the heel that crushed it"
~Mark Twain~

Wishing you love, blessings & forgiveness!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Quick Update - Owl Be Back....

Sometimes I can't help myself with the silly blog titles.....bear with me!  I was
puttering around painting things today and thought I might as well give these little
owls a makeover - I just bought them and showed them to you here.

Here's the BEFORE:

Here's the AFTER:

I love it when I can get something done quickly!

My kitchen has red as a highlight colour - remember I am renting at the present
time so I have to do my decor according to what's already there.  I've learned
from several years of renting that it's best to just use things "as is" in terms of
wall colours (unless it's a small room or you are planning on staying for a while!)

I have some other cute owls that I've found here and there - I will have to get
their little pictures taken!

Have a great week,

Weekend Finds!

Here in Canada we are still enjoying our weekend - today is a
civic holiday (BC Day!).  Mr. Biff and I are enjoying being a bit
lazy this weekend.  We did get out to some garage sales and
here's a little bit of what we found:

These cute little owl salt & pepper - I may paint these I think.
(25 cents)

More scrabble tiles and a couple of vintage folding rulers.
(50 cents for all three!)

Love, love, love this little jug - it's a pale green - hard to tell in
the photo but it's really beautiful!

Another little piece of Majolica style pottery to add to my collection!
I love this stuff!

And a metal holder - the woman I purchased (for 50 cents) from
said it was to hold glasses but I think I am going to shabby it up
and put some jars in it.....

And, God Bless the Queen.....another piece of royal
memorabilia for Mr. Biff!

And last, but not least.....some funky old knobs....

Not bad for a total of $11.25!

Another warm day here on our little Island paradise!  Hope
you have a great week!


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Go Jump in the Lake!

No, really, I mean it - it's so stinking hot here for our little
part of the world - who would have thought!  So today,
Mr. Biff and I did just that - we went and jumped in the lake!

We've lived in our little town for 3 years now and had not
yet found what I would consider to be a nice swimming spot.
Now there are many who would argue that the ocean is RIGHT
THERE (about 5 minutes to a nice beach on the sea) but alas
they probably don't know (or don't care) that I am freshwater
water baby!  I don't mind to dunk toes in the sea but
I don't fancy swimming in it.

Anyway, long story short (pun intended) we went to Long
Lake today - really close to our house and lo and behold we
discovered it's a really nice sandy clean, clear freshwater
swimming spot!  Yeah!  Right in our neighbourhood!

Check out those beautiful homes on the hill......what a
lovely view they must have!

My Island friends are laughing I am sure because most of
us drive by this lake weekly if not daily.  It's just one of those
things that's right under your nose.....

Anyway, too hot?  Go jump in the lake!


Friday, 3 August 2012

Spam-a-lot and a Sneak Peek!

So I don't really mean "this" type of spam - I want to talk to you about
SPAM as in email/blogger comment spam.  It seems lately that I've
been getting an undue amount - never less than 20 or so comments
per day and sometimes over 100!  Am I doing something wrong?  The
comments don't get published - they do go into my unpublished spam
file so it doesn't really hurt anything - it's just annoying! 

Any tips or tricks would be appreciated....

And here's just a sneak peek of one of the several projects I have
planned for this long weekend (it's a civic holiday on Monday in Canada).

Off to garage sales in the morning!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Ok, I am not all that deep, nor am I all that clever.  I have not
come up with many brilliant words of wisdom but I have been
wise enough to borrow them where appropriate!  I hope
when you are reading these Wednesday posts you know
that I am just having fun passing on some interesting,
thought-provoking or just plain silly quotes and not
fancying myself to be a sage or anything...I've just never
been able to stop myself from using colloquialisms
(and yes, I had to look up how to spell that!)

There's one phrase I use all the time at work and recently I
have heard others in my office use it......I love it when that

So what is the word(s) to the wise?  Simple:
"Don't borrow trouble."

(usually followed by this under my breath:  it will always
find you soon enough on it's own....)

And then there's always this one...

"When you are in deep trouble,
say nothing, and try to
 look like you know what you're doing."
Have a happy week!