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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Go Jump in the Lake!

No, really, I mean it - it's so stinking hot here for our little
part of the world - who would have thought!  So today,
Mr. Biff and I did just that - we went and jumped in the lake!

We've lived in our little town for 3 years now and had not
yet found what I would consider to be a nice swimming spot.
Now there are many who would argue that the ocean is RIGHT
THERE (about 5 minutes to a nice beach on the sea) but alas
they probably don't know (or don't care) that I am freshwater
water baby!  I don't mind to dunk toes in the sea but
I don't fancy swimming in it.

Anyway, long story short (pun intended) we went to Long
Lake today - really close to our house and lo and behold we
discovered it's a really nice sandy clean, clear freshwater
swimming spot!  Yeah!  Right in our neighbourhood!

Check out those beautiful homes on the hill......what a
lovely view they must have!

My Island friends are laughing I am sure because most of
us drive by this lake weekly if not daily.  It's just one of those
things that's right under your nose.....

Anyway, too hot?  Go jump in the lake!



Shabby chic Sandy said...

It is so hot--give me a lake to jump into and I so would!

Sherry said...

Peggy, I agree with you, any lake, any ocean, any sea would do right now. Anything to cool down in this miserable heat!

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