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Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Little Cabinet That Could.....

It took me a while to finish this little cabinet - not the painting
part but the handles.  I had mismatched handles so had to
spray paint them to match (ORB).
This is a first for me - "real" chalk paint - I used BC produced
Vangogh Chalk Paint in "Patina".  Good news - I really love the
colour and liked the paint - but even better news to me - my homemade
chalk paint is still my favourite.  I just didn't see a big enough
bang for my buck (40+ of them).  I waxed the cabinet with
beeswax (in a dark format) and love the finished feel!
This little cabinet was a curb find - can you believe
someone would pitch this cutie out?

Please don't mind the lousy staging - in a hurry to finally get
this post done!
This cute little sparkly Easter bunny and chick were in a 99
cent bag at Sally Ann (I guess that a dollar now with no pennies!)
This little ceramic rabbit was also a dollar find at the Sally Ann
along with the little nest and eggs.
Lots more posts to follow this week....and did I mention that
while I was on a blogging break I did a little of this?


Thursday, 7 March 2013

What I'm Working On.....

This cute little cabinet was a curb find back when we lived in
Toronto - I miss those fun times - driving around and curb
shopping!  I've had this in storage for a long time but need
something for my entry way and I think this little cabinet will
fit the bill.....but first a facelift....
Stay tuned!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

A DIY Paint Party! (and I'm back.....)

First of all - thank you to anyone who is reading this after my long absence! 
I needed to get re-energized and a little time off from blogging was apparently
just what I needed.  Now have I got a boatload of stuff to show you......I've
been busy.
Here's one little project I completed on Saturday - it was in preparation for
an event.  I had to try out what I was going to do......these are dollar store
plastic (fake wood look) frames with some Michael's embellishments.

I actually taught a little diy painting class last night - it was
really fun and the turn out was great. 

There were 13 people attending the class - whoot whoot!!

We explored different paint finishes and formulas - including "real" chalk
paint (VanGogh) and some of the home-made recipes for chalk-like paint
that are floating around blogland.

We used my favourite - flat latex with unsanded white grout and a little

I made each person a little goody bag with all of the basic stuff they would
need including a little 4x6 dollar store frame.  The paint adhered beautifully
to the frames and the results were great! 

We did some distressing (no one yelled at anyone just sanded...LOL)

We explored waxing (I use beeswax) and poly finishes - everyone had a
chance to try each.
All-in-all it was a great night and great inspiration for me to get going!
I learned a few things a long the way myself.

Until next time,

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Worth Waiting For....

If you've hung in with me during this blogging break - THANK YOU!
You totally rock and you are the reason I want to keep blogging on!
I think you are going to be glad, in 2013, that you stayed with me. 
I am embarking on an epic journey  - one that will take me into
senior citizenship with a BANG!

Mixed in with my DIYs in 2013 is going to be a healthy dose of
healthy living!  I need to lose (hold on to your hats) a whopping
80 pounds and believe me I'm going to give it a go!!

Coincidentally (I think not!) my word for 2013 is BELIEVE.....
I want to believe more in myself,
believe in the gift that is life and believe anything is possible!

So stick with me kid.....we're going places! (Oh yes, and I am
literally going places - Playa del Carmen in mid Jan for a week)
I turn 55 on the 8th (me 'n Elvis!) and I am determined that I can
be a fit and sexy senior!  Whahoo!

Once I  am back from my vacation - I am going to hit the bricks
and get in line!  Hope you will join me on what I hope will be a
fun filled year.......