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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Good Stuff....

Hello & happy Sunday!  Today marks the
official end of my summer vacation!  Not that
summer is over here yet - by no means!
But is does mean no more
"Holiday Girl" in the house!

Mr. Biff and I hunted and gathered some
pretty cool stuff this past week.  Here's
just some of the good pickings. 

Look at all these great finds - a couple of
cloches, a silver latern, the great pottery
jug in my new livingroom colours - nothing
more than $2 here....

Picture this tray with a new coat of
paint and maybe some decoupage?

This 5x7 rug is brand new from Pier One
still has the 35.99 price tag on it!  Got it
for $4 - it is for my foyer - to bring it
a punch of teal!

Basket & some 49 cent fabric - below is a brand
new pillow - I have the perfect chair for it!
It was a steal at $2.

Mr. Biff made me this lovely fruit
salad with yogurt this aft for
a little break - we were working
our tails off!

We got this ugly beautiful waterfall
cabinet  for $20 - it's going to look amazing
when it's done - someone went a litte
wild on the colours tho - no?  Picture
it a lovely turquoise or pale minty green with
a hint of wax and a little distressing......YUM!
(and of course new knobs!)

I hope that you have had a great weekend
too!  Now, I owe, I owe...
so off to work
I go!

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Goats on the Roof (Whaaat?)

If you live in beautiful BC you
might have heard of the "Goats on
the Roof"'s the name of the market
at Coombs.  Coombs is a little tiny
town just outside of Parksville on
Vancouver Island.

Mr. Biff and I decided today was
a lovely day for a little trip to Coombs....
apparently so did absolutely everyone
else on the Island!

We went to the new restaurant
Cuckoo for lunch - it was good - not
great but good.  Chef Fausto was
in the house. 

We continued on to my favourite
Rodeo Gypsies - a cool guy who
sells wickedly beautiful beads at an
equally wickedly awesome price.

The goats were no where to be seen
today (probably too hot even for them!)
But I did find these photos to show you....
yes, they really do stay on the roof
during the day!

Hope you had as great a Saturday as
I did!  Found a couple of really cool
chairs and a little waterfall cabinet on the
way home for next to nothin'!  I will post
all my finds from this week tomorrow....
it's quite a haul.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Short & Sweet....

TGIF!  I have had such an amazing
week of gathering and creating!  I
can't wait to show you photos of all the
stuff I found this week and what I am
working on.

In the meantime - check out this
sweet little salt & pepper set.  Still
in the box at my favourite thrift
store for $1. 

Hope you have had a good week
and for those of you in Irene's path
I will be saying a prayer or two
for you all.  Stay safe!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ho, Ho, Hold On a Minute.....

Gosh I know it's only August but did you know
that Christmas is right around the corner?
It's 121 days and counting - it says so
right here.

If you are like me - my best crafty sales are
always made at Christmas and this Christmas
I intend to go big or go home (I won't really go
home, I mean I will never really
leave home, eh, hem....)

I am going to try to set up a Christmas
extravaganza the likes of which my little
city has never seen (that sounds
impressive doesn't it? Yikes!)

Seriously I want to try to round up another
6 or 8 different crafter, diy'ers and set up
a Christmas Fair.  I am thinking about a
banquet room or maybe an empty retail
space (any advice?) and just running it for
6 weekends in a row (the 12 Crafty Shopping
Days of Christmas!)  starting mid Oct thru
November.  What do you think?  This is the
part where I ask you for advice....and
really mean it.....please?

There are a few craft fairs around
town but they are kind of the same
old-same old and don't allow new
vendors...and that would be me,
a new vendor.  So being a
true-blue DIY'er - I am thinking
just do it myself!

Today Mr. Biff and I found this kind of
ugly lovely fireplace mantel, hearth and all.
It needs work but can't you see it as a
center piece in a hotel lobby or a restaurant?

(please excuse the sideways pics it is in the back
of my pickup truck)

It was a steal at $20
It's ready some lovely candles (metal
lined fire box)

Right now the fake bricks look hideous,
the oak isn't working for me and it has some
bumps and dings but it does come with it's
own hearth.  I am going to paint it
and the bricks.....

Wish me luck...I am on a quest to
launch and although I would love
to meet dreamy Mathew McConnaughy -
I don't want to be starring
in the next "Failure to Launch" movie....

Happy Holidays (oh silly me, I am
the one on holidays! for 3 more days *sigh*)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Connect the Dots....

I am like one of those kid's
could connect the dots on my arms - not
sure it would connect to make a cute
hen like above - probably more like
tic, tac, toe!
The mozzies are so bad right now and with no
screens on the windows, and the hotter
weather and the fact that I am SO sweet....

You just know that I am the one they
are circling (it couldn't be the vanilla
body spray could it?  haha!)  Mr. Biff
seems blissfully unaware of the
dive bombing demons that are
tormenting me. 

Hope you are chillin' without the bugs
wherever you are,

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

No Soup For You....

Does anyone else remember the Soup Nazi
from Jerry Seinfeld?  Today, Mr. Biff brought
me home the best Muligatawny Soup I've
EVER had.....I can just hear Kramer begging
Elaine to go and get in line to get some.....
Honestly - I am not getting any payoff for this...but
if you live on Vancouver Island - you simply
must try the new restaurant at the Nanaimo
Howard Johnson - it's run by
"The Good Cooking Guys"
and man, they are!
ok, maybe I got soup......

On the subject of eating soup - I puttered today
perplexed still by the sad state of my entertainment
armoir.....I took these sad photos today and
you can see it hasn't improved since I wrote
about it here.
This is the before - sanded down... and below is
with the first coat of paint...."yikes" is right!
Didn't stick AT can tell what I will
be doing...resanding and priming....such FUN!

Oh yeah, I was going to talk about
eating soup wasn't I?  I have vacation brain,
don't laugh - it's a serious malady - I am
deliciously devoid of coherent thought and/or
through processes....where was I?
I was puttering.....enjoying the great weather
sitting on my deck swing and painting the
letters...E   A   T. 
I found this cool frame and thought the letters
would fit perfectly.  I am still in the process of
taking the red out of my house (I still LOVE
red) but it was time for a change.  So this
little sign is step one to re-doing my kitchen
eating nook.
I also spray painted this plastic mirror - it
turned out rather well I think....the little lantern
is one of my fab finds from Skiff City and is
pictured in the pile in this post.  It's all
rusty goodness....
I used "Distress" Ink on both the letters
and the mirror....easy-peasy distressed look!

Have I mentioned that my hydrangeas are
kind of weird...they must be
a different variety - they are nice to look at
but you can't dry them like the cool ball kind...
but Marcie likes them.

Did I mention I was a little scattered....

*giggling*  see you tomorrow,