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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Goats on the Roof (Whaaat?)

If you live in beautiful BC you
might have heard of the "Goats on
the Roof"'s the name of the market
at Coombs.  Coombs is a little tiny
town just outside of Parksville on
Vancouver Island.

Mr. Biff and I decided today was
a lovely day for a little trip to Coombs....
apparently so did absolutely everyone
else on the Island!

We went to the new restaurant
Cuckoo for lunch - it was good - not
great but good.  Chef Fausto was
in the house. 

We continued on to my favourite
Rodeo Gypsies - a cool guy who
sells wickedly beautiful beads at an
equally wickedly awesome price.

The goats were no where to be seen
today (probably too hot even for them!)
But I did find these photos to show you....
yes, they really do stay on the roof
during the day!

Hope you had as great a Saturday as
I did!  Found a couple of really cool
chairs and a little waterfall cabinet on the
way home for next to nothin'!  I will post
all my finds from this week tomorrow....
it's quite a haul.

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