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Friday, 19 August 2011

Eastlake Chair on the West Coast....

Wow - I can't believe how fast this week
has gone by!  I had all these plans to finish
all this stuff and here it is Friday and well
I am not even close to done!
But I am having FUN!

We went out and about today as it was
Mr. Biff's day off.  Several thrift stores
*found a new one* and maybe one of the
best finds yet....

This chair was at the Recycle Depot
(aka Skiff City)....

Check out her the question
du jour is paint or stain?

What do you think?  Leave me a comment
to help me decide (Mr. Biff is leaning toward
stain - he says, and I quote, once you have
painted the chair you can never go back - it
will always be a "refinished" chair and not an
original)....I don't know about that Mr. B.  I am
diggin' the idea of some creamy white paint
on this puppy with maybe a linen seat cover.

Did I mention that she was just $10! 
 Yup!  10 buckeroonies!

So....jury is out....cast your vote!
To paint or not to paint....that is the

Wait 'til you see what else I found - thanks
to the nice gal who pulled these items out of
a box and said "Nate Berkus" would LUV I drooled she assured me she was
not going to purchase did...
just you wait and see....
Including the chair we spent a total
of $25 and got lots more.......



The Lytton Life said...
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The Lytton Life said...

To paint!!! I think a white coat would make this chair beautiful! It think an original only matters if its nice to look at:) The shape and detail are beautiful...and will look much more beautiful under some white wiht an updated fabric:) It needs a touch of your style!--Your newest follower;)

Shannon said...

Is it a real antique or just vintage? Definitely paint if it's under 100 years old. I think an old fashion chair like this looks more contemporary when painted and paired with some updated fabric. It's a great score for $10. Can't wait to see how you make it a new treasure.