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Saturday, 20 August 2011

No Random Generator Needed Here are the Winner(s) of My First Giveaway!!

Hi, I will keep this short and sweet
I tried my hand at a giveaway (I've
apparently a LOT to learn still about
Blogland)....and had only two entries.

*sigh*  BUT...the good news is
for those 2 lovely ladies - they will
BOTH win a pair of these:

Silvery turqouise goodness....

Thank you and congrats to:

Shannon from Anythingology

Sydney & Shannon - if you will email me @
you can tell me which pair you would like and
send me your mailing info!

And thank you for the ideas on the
buffet or dresser or whatever it is!?!
I will definitely loose the knobs (both
Mr. Biff and I had a good laugh Sydney as
we agree - they are 'honking' for sure!)
And, I like the idea of changing
out the feet so stay tuned - I will
post it when it's done.

1 comment:

Karima said...

Hi Peggy, I have just awarded you a 'Butterfly Award' Please pop over to my blog to see your award. Karima :)