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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Can You Use "That" in a Sentence?

Ah, it was a lovely, lazy
Saturday....technically the
first day of my summer vacation!
Yeah!'s going to rain tomorrow...

Image courtesy of "Google Images"

We did go out today for a bit after
Mr. Biff got off work (he got called
in unexpectedly).....found some FUN
stuff including some great already made
slipcovers for my new dining room
chairs (thank you Cindy!)

One of the most interesting things we
found today was this:

I thought how cool would it be to
put these "words" in a funky
little container and leave them out
when you have company over....

Something interesting to play with
and a natural conversation starter!

And check out the 70's couple
on the box....yeesh...I remember
the 70's well!  You didn't think
a "maxi" skirt was something
new did you? and how fab is
his hair?

Now can you use "good find" in
a sentence?

Sending along Saturday/Sunday Love,

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