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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday *Sigh* and My FIRST Give-Away!!

It's Sunday Night *Sigh* and I am embarking on
2 weeks of "summer" vacation!  Now that
Mr. Biff went and got a new job (*congrats* Mr. B!*)
- travel  plans have been cancelled.  But I am
feeling kind of like I need a break so will
still take my time off - instead of 
"the beach"  I will be playing DIY Gal
around the house for the next 2 weeks! 
Photo Source
I get all these great ideas but working full
time sometimes inhibits my ability to bring
all these wonderful things to fruition.
Photo Source

I am going to start tomorrow on my living
room "makeover" - it's really an update - new
curtains, new area rug, new lampshades, that
kind of stuff.  I am going to attempt to slipcover
2 chairs....stay tuned - this oughtta be fun!
In the meantime tonight while browsing
Craigslist - I found this:

It's definitely "home-made" but the price was right - $zippity,
$zero, $zilcho, yessiree....FREE!

So, as I approach 20 followers (2 to go!) I thought
I would celebrate holidays with a little
give-away.....Help me with this project:

What should I do with it? 
 Change the legs? 
Change the hardware? Strip it and repaint it?
What colour should it be? 

 Let me know what you think!

 Leave  me a comment on what you think I should do with
it and you could win these:

Turquoise Dyed Magnesite with Silver &
Swarovski Crystals...handmade by (me) Pear Tree Jewels

All you have to do is leave me a comment with your
suggestions for one entry.

For a 2nd chance to win - follow me
(or tell me you are already following) for another entry.

Give-away closes midnight PST, Friday, August 19th

And stay tuned for a week full of posts & pics!


Shannon said...

Hi Peggy, I like the legs and the clean lines of the hardware. I LOVE the price! Definetely needs some fresh paint, but what color? Not sure what direction you're going with your living room color?
Can't wait to see what you pick.

Sydney said...

Hi Peggy, this piece definitely has some potential. Since I'm of the opinion that every room could use some black, I'd do it in black and get those honking knobs off the doors!! Depending upon your overall style, I'd use bun feet or build an apron with built in legs -- does that make sense? I mean a one piece front apron with mitered corners meeting side aprons, where the "leg" part is slightly longer than the apron. Dunno what that's called. Also depending on your preference either gold or silver highlights with coordinating hardware. I loooooove freebies. Good luck.