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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nuts! I might be losing it!

That's right - I have, at least temporarily lost a bag of nuts
and bolts that are to have held together my new futon.  Have
you ever had that happen - you put them somewhere where
you won't forget them and presto-nutso - they are GONE!

Argghhhhh.....Mr. Biff is telling me to retrace my steps,
think about the evening I brought them home, etc., etc. and
they are not where I think I would logically put them (which
would have been with the futon no?)

Ever had that happen?  Any tricks to jog your memory?
*sigh* sitting on the floor in my family room is NOT
what I had in mind!

This is what it will look like - it's a beaut!  It will go in Mr. Biff's
office eventually for extra guest sleeping space  - that is
when we get a new sofa for the family room -
in the meantime......


Jane said...

I totally hear you! It happens here ALL the time, in fact we've jokingly said we need to start a book we can record where we put things, like wall anchors - which we can never find when we need them, despite having purchased two jumbo sets so we'd never run out!! Good luck with your search, I'm sure they'll turn up :)

Elisa said...

Hi! I totally understand that whole "forgot where I put it" problem~ so frustrating! I am following you back - love you blog and wondered where in BC you live?

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...'s my middle name!!! lol!!!!

Sherry said...

LOL, Peggy, If I could only remember half the things I've forgotten...

Peggy57 said...

Oh Peggy I do that all the time. I take a piece apart to paint it and since I have 2 or 3 things going at once most of the time when I'm ready to put everything back together I spend an hour looking for the hardware. :-) Good luck.

Anne said...

I have the same futon!! I just read your profile - I can't sit still either... guess that's a really good thing for a blogger, you never run out of stuff to post!

I'm following you back :)