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Friday, 17 June 2011

Fabulous Friday...

Can you think of a better way to spend a day off than having your hair done and then tripping around town looking for "oops" paint?  Seriously for some the hair part probably sounds delightful - the rest, hmmm, not so much.  But to me - this was a fabulous Friday!  Got plenty of paint and ready to paint the rest of that pantry cabinet I started (the bottom is done).  Got some really great fabric - on the way home someone was holding *weird on a Friday night* a garage sale - got a bundle of fabric - burlap, linen and some really great vintage print cotton.  We also got the best thing I have purchased yet - for $10 we got this piece of Eastlake (Jacques Hayes) furniture - it's hard to describe but will be turned into a really stunning hall coat/hat wall piece.  I will take a picture of it tomorrow (I have to use Mr. Biff's camera because mine is still being tempermental....focus I say!)  It was an amazing find - here's a pic from the web of a piece of Eastlake - you will see from this how lucky I was to get this.  Got it at the Friends of Haven Thrift Store. 
Now think darker, dirtier and missing a few parts - Mr. Biff (he is the history major after all) believes it came from a piano top or organ.  Wherever it came from it captured my heart - I am smitten and can't wait to bring it back to life.  This is when it is handy to have  Mr. Biff in your life - art major, museum curator, archeologist and teacher - hey now that I think about it - maybe that's why he knows so much stuff! 

I also got a cute little bench seat for $2 that will require some care and some more linens....can't have too many pretty pillow cases I always say (ok, I don't always but I do now!).....

Hope whatever you did this fine Friday that it was fun! Oh and yes, my hair turned out rather well (thank you Lesley at Maffeo's).  All things considered it really was a Fab Friday!

God Bless,

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