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Thursday, 16 June 2011

French Shipping Crate Inspired Coffee Table....hmmmm

I hope I have picqued your interest with the title....I am hoping to do justice to this lovely table inspired by another fellow-blogger who showed, step-by-step, how she achieved this result.  I am going to link you to her site so you can see the beautiful result.  Here is the table I purchased on Craigslist tonight for $30 - I have been watching for something like this since I saw this design.

Here is what I am hoping to accomplish - you can see the steps taken to get the result here.

This table is made by Korrie - her own blog can be viewed here....Korrie, Korrie, Korrie - what have you started!  Reading the comments on your guestblog spot at Remodelaholic you've started quite a trend!  Check back to see if I did Korrie proud!

Here's another cool idea that Heidi from "Honey Bear Lane" posted as a result of seeing this fab table have a look at thefabulous ottoman she created  here.

I sure hope I am inspiring you to think about the things you have at home (hi Brigitte!) and what you could do with them and how you could change the whole look of your rooms with a little paint and ingenuity.  I am going to try to redo my whole living room in a totally new colour scheme.  I've been working the earthy sages and rustic reds for a long time now and need a shot of something different so out with the old and in with the new, er older!  I want to do it entirely with recycled furniture - nothing off the showroom floor.  Let's see how that works out (and how happy Mr. Biff is with the idea of a colour change....hmmm....)

A three day weekend....lots to do....check back tomorrow to see if I got anything done!

1 comment:

Peggy said...

I need to amend the cost of the coffee table - the fabulous Mr. B who's motto is "never pay full price" got it for $20 bucks instead of $30. Maybe the "B" in Biff stands for Bargoon?