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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mr. Biff & the Fire Sale....

Saturday flew by with no time to stop and chat.  We did, however get a ton of work done including finishing the little pantry project.  You will have to wait to see the final version because my camera is on the fritz and Mr. B's is no where to be found.  We spent the weekend doing projects, planning projects and collecting more projects!  We also managed to fit in all 12 episodes (starting on Thursday night) of "The Killing" - what a great series.  Each show ends with a little trailer saying it's such a good show you will be angry when each one ends because you have to wait for the next one and after a couple of episodes I realized it was TRUE!  Now that's good programming!  As usual watched it online in between doing this and that. 

It rained here yesterday morning so no garage sales.  We did, however, stumble over one today and got a couple of cool things (we had to pool our change!:)  Mr. Biff got the big score however - he purchased a fireplace mantel in new condition - the entire surround for.....wait for it......$7 bucks!!  Yup, that's my bargooner....I can't take a picture but it looks kind of like this:

minus the firebox.  I can see it all distressed in white with a bevy of candles burning brightly.  Now the thing is will I want to sell it when we are done?  Somehow I am thinking um, NO!  However shortage of space may dictate that I do. 

Back to the pantry for a moment - I just want to highlight again that the bottom piece was made of a repurposed tv stand and the top is/was a baby change table turned upside down to sit on top like a hutch.  It looks good but more importantly it's so functional.  Our little rental doesn't have much cupboard space and this beauty will hold all of our canned goods, pasta, etc. in one lovely place.  (I'm diggin' it).

Sunday's is also the big bang day around our house (get your mind outta the gutter baby!)....Mr. Biff lights the noon cannon in the harbour every Sunday - dressed in his 1890's costume - he plays the part of a fur trader defending the port. 

When I picked him up today after the big bang we decided to go for a drive and see if there were any curb finds left over from garage sales that got rained out.  Mr. Biff declared that "chuck-outs" are like happiness - when you are looking for it - it's never there but stop looking and presto - there it is!  Moral of the story - no curb finds to be found when you are searching - you must stumble upon them to truly achieve curb treasure bliss.....

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Just a few more days and I am off for a week of git'er done project heaven....
God Bless,

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