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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Just a Baby-Blogger.....

Oh, I don't mean I am blogging about babies!  I am just a neophyte blogger - trying to find my way around "Blogland".  Someone asked me today - how do you have time to do stuff and then blog about it?  For me it's really simple - I don't have cable or satellite tv any more (not for over a year now) and find the time I would spend mindlessly (altho I do miss it still on occasion) watching tv - I now spend looking for creative endeavours.  Don't get me wrong - I do like to watch tv and I still catch my favourite shows on the web - however I am less tied to a schedule of "this is on at 8 and this is on at 9 so I have to finish this up so I can sit and watch"....

I will join the hordes of British Columbians (and maybe all of Canada!) who will cheer on the Canucks at the big game "7" of the Stanley Cup finals in Vancouver tomorrow night.  I am a fan but secretly fear that when I watch they are somehow destined to lose (wow - I must think I am mighty powerful no?).  I grew up on hockey in the winter and football in the summer (not playing but watching).  I kind of gave it up somewhere in my 20's and have never really gravitated back - I do however like to cheer the home team and that's what you will find me doing tomorrow night.  Tonight, however, I am going to take apart a lampshade and get it ready to re-cover and I am going to tackle a tiny project I have to make some little coasters out of recycled (ugly) coasters......maybe if I "git'er done" I will post a pic tomorrow.

Must leave this final thought tonight....
"Go Canucks Go"
God Bless,

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