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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Are you sure you paid the light bill?

I can't recall, in the past years, a summer that started as slowly and chilly as this one.  I took the week off to get some painting done and the little rental house doesn't accommodate much work to happen inside so the idea was to work outside.  I was thinking maybe Mr. Biff forgot to pay the light bill because its been anything but light!

The truth of it is I did get some things painted yesterday and forgot - the neophyte blogger that I am to take "before" pictures - it almost makes posting the after a moot point because you just have to believe my description of the before....*giggle*  I promise I will get the hang of it.

In the meantime to satisfy any highly felt need to see photos here's the cutest one of the day:  this is my little "Bee" sleeping soundly as I type away - she is the sweetest dog ever.  I affectionately call her my "pilot" dog because she pilots me everywhere around the house - wherever I am - Bee is.  I have this great sign that says "I hope I am half the person my dog thinks I am" and it's so true.  Bee even tried to help me when I was spray painting and got one of her little paws stuck to the plastic sheet (I didn't see her sneak up on me - mask, goggles and apparently socks for her too next time...hee,hee!)

Tomorrow is Canada downtown to the festivities.  I do hope to see the fireworks tomorrow night out on the harbour.  Now if Mr. Biff paid the light bill today - who knows tomorrow there might even be SUN!


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