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Friday, 1 July 2011

Recycling Taken to a New High, er...or is that Low....!

Mr. Biff and I were out today looking for some deals on those rubber tubs for storing things because, turns out, we have a few things to store while we work on our projects.  We don't have a garage and so we felt if we could sort tools, pieces of stuff to make things from, paint, fabric and all the leftovers we might have a hope of keeping up!  We got some great 78L tubs at the big "W" store and we're ready to go - sorting and storing day starts tomorrow.

On the way home I had this brilliant idea (I do have them sometimes!) to stop by our local recycling yard to see if they have any paint up for grabs.  We pulled in and I darn near fainted! (sounds kind of southern belle-ish no?)  The recycle yard was kind of like a curb treasure hunters utopia.  So much junk stuff everywhere the eye could see......

Here's a photo of what the recyle community store yard looks like:

Even though I had my pretty "goin'shopping" clothes on - I had to get right in and dig.  Found some cool things and dropped a whole $13.  I am not afraid of getting dirty and/or digging in but I do have to admit that I felt kind of like I needed a shower when we got home.  It's like yard sale leftovers all heaped together in a quanset hut.  Here's what we got:

Missing from the photos below - but you can see it leaning on our truck is a really nice (pine I think) single bed headboard - solid wood and really chunky - it's going to make an amazing hall coat rack!  Can't wait to get it done and I will, I promise, take a before picture this time!

The little white teapots, teacups and plates are hopefully going to become an Anthropologie knock-off teapot lamp.  The pizza stone in the lower left corner will be (if my craft skills don't fail me) a decoupaged table top for a wire plant stand I have.  The little blue quilt was dropped off just as we got there so never even hit the shelves.  The other great finds are the chair, the milk stool and the brand new lamp. 

Now it should be obvious why we needed to buy the rubber tubs today - I am just wondering if we got enough!  Mr. Biff called this our "skiff city" excursion.  Regardless of what it was - it was a memorable experience in off to hit the showers!

Goodnight & God Bless,

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