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Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday Finds and What "Bugs" Me....

I am going to apologize right now for the length of this post - even though I've
 only begun writing I think I might have quite a bit to say.  Friday
afternoon - took a little vacation time and wandered about
 hither, thither and yon (not really sure we made it to yon
but close I am sure!)  We were driving to meet someone and
 saw a garage sale sign (weird again on a Friday) and my little red
 truck simply does not know how to drive by.  She promptly swerves
 toward the sign and heads to the sale (gotta love her - it's totally
 beyond my control clearly).  Mr. Biff was with me too
and he didn't mind being side-tracked either.  Honestly
it was bit disappointing - we bought 5 DVDs - movies
we hadn't actually seen but nothing else so we headed
 over to meet Jackie and on the way saw this
at the side of the road:
(Bad Blogger! I took it apart before I remembered to take a picture!)

Would you have picked it up?  Mr. Biff really needs a bigger desk and
 this puppy is big and SOLID.  It was actually too heavy for us to lift in the truck with the
 drawers in - so out came the drawers and in went the desk. 
 I sanded it as soon as we got it home
and put a base coat on it.

The paint was free from the recycling depot - it's a lovely shade of pale grayish-blue - almost half a gallon!  While picking up paint - I simply had to wander through the dumpster yard (aka Skiff City) and the quonset hut and with a budget of just $5 look what I found:

The birdcage itself was worth it.  It's made of copperwire - although I think at some point I will probably paint it (do you think I should?).  The canister is called "Romantic Home" and the little plate is called "Shabby Lace" - so they must have been made for me!!  I also got the cute shade with the pink roses on it - not sure what lamp I will use it on (maybe one I haven't got yet!).  Rounding out the thrifty little collection is 2 little shelves and a crystal lid to use for a garden totem topper!    I also found this beauty of a wooden
pedestal bowl - I am going to paint it and shabby it up and use it in
 my office to hold some of the small clutter that
seems to like to gather there.

Now what bugs me you say?  While I was digging wandering through the junk recycling depot  in my lovely white cardigan - this landed on me.  It is an "Alder Borer" and is harmless but I'm just saying....whaaaaaaaa!

No one was right in the vicinity so I managed to flick it off my shoulder and carry on.  Amazing how brave you can be when no one's looking and no one can rescue you!  Would you have done the same or would you have screamed and run away? (that is my usual M.O.)  The funny thing was later on when we were driving home Mr. Biff told me one of the staff had this really cool bug in a jar - it was black and white and boy
you should have seen it......and....hey Mr. Biff - where were you when
I was wrestling this sucker to the ground?
....yeah buddy, I saw it alright! 

The other thing that bugs me is black flies and misquitoes - it's been so wet and cool here (enjoy your heat all you southern gals!) so with the damp comes the biting bugs!  Mr. Biff does not get bitten (I think he's just too tough!) - however they LOVE me and I have the bites to prove it (that's what I get for being so sweet!)

So all in all a good Friday - could have been "bugged" a little less but none-the-less a successful thrifty day!  Off to the garage sales tomorrow and then home to do some serious painting before it rains again!  What did you do today?

Happy Weekend,
God Bless,



Karima said...

Wow, you have some real bargains there, I too love doing things up! Saw you on link party, now google following you, please pop by, Karima x

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

What great finds! It's funny, my car always stops at garage sales on it's own, too! Thank you for linking up!