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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hang In There.....

Wow - it's hard to describe how dependent I've become on my computer!  Our internet has not been working and so I have not been able to write here (or on Facebook) and have only monitored email on a kind of hit and miss basis.  I have so much to show & tell.....I will get back at it by Friday this week and promise to remain more consistent.

In the meantime I have been doing some fun projects and can't wait to show you.  I've been garage saling, thrifting and even had another visit to "skiff city" as Mr. Biff calls it - which is really our local community recycling depot store.  A big shout out "hey" to Tracy & Jackie who were there more appropriately disposing of their yard waste while I was diving through the debris treasures for pieces of chicken wire and little knick knacks.  My hero - Mr. Biff was able to purchase for a whole $2 the best ever wooden tool tray.  I tried to buy it on the last trip but the person working that day said - no, not for sale - it's holding all that stuff and where would I put the stuff (as she gave me a don't be so stupid look).  This time Mr. Biff just marched up and said, "have you got something I can put that crap stuff in so I can buy the box?" and she magically said "sure"......more power to you Mr. Biff - it's because you are so silly cute!!

I'll be back on Friday with pictures and more details of all the cool things you'll want to see that I've been doing....until then,
God Bless You & Yours,

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