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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A touch of silver and a quest for advice.....

This post is mostly to ask for feedback.....I bought a can of shiny silver spray paint with the intention of painting some shells and maybe a starfish or two - I got the idea from Susan at HomeRoad (here).  I was amazed at how beautiful they turned out and could imagine giving them as little gifts or better yet turning them into pendants for some funky necklaces.

Now here's where I need feedback - I have this idea that I could paint a lamp with the shiny paint and then glaze or somehow rub it to give it a natural aged looking patina.  I looked around blog land and can find many examples of beautiful silver leafing and even silver spray paint but I don't see any that have been antiqued and I am wondering if that's because it doesn't turn out? 

If you knew me - you would know - I am going to try it anyway - stay tuned for the results - I am going to test it out after work tomorrow night provided it's not too windy out.......

Check back with me tomorrow or leave me a comment, advice, help of any kind!


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