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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What's Up Wednesday?

It seems like I have run out of a little blogging steam....
maybe I have been too verbose in my
 posting of late and I've used up
all my words.....
NAH!  Like that's gonna happen!

I finally found fabric for some new curtains for my
 livingroom makeover.  I found it at one of my favourite
 thrift stores - someone routinely donates large pieces of
designer fabric - this is a cotton twill with a great neutral strip. 
 I picked up three pieces totally about 10 yards for $8.
  When you are living in a rental - you can't
afford to spend the big bucks on curtains as who knows
 if they will work in the next place you move on to
(I sound like a nomad but I have moved quite a few
times and learned quite a few things in those moves!) 
 One of the most important things about renting is
 to try to make the house your own
without spending a ton of money. 

I will post some before pics once I pick up all the
 various projects that are lying about.  I sold almost all
of my red accents last weekend to two
ladies who were punching up their decor with a little red.
  One of them was taking the red items (a giant red leather
mirror, a red leather footstool and some pillow covers)
 to Arizona to her "winter" home.  Don't get me
wrong - I still LOVE red - but I want a change.
  I absolutely loved the armoir makeover that Nan
 @ "You Could Make That"
 posted here and it has inspired me to get going! 
 My armoir is  almost identical in shape and
original colour!  I am actually thinking I
might even copy the colour - they say
 imitation is the most sincere form of flattery
 - thanks for inspiration Nan!

In the meantime - sweet Sherri passed on some
shelves, a window frame and a mini china tea set to me exchange I gave her one of my
earliest painting projects - the little mocha bedside table
hope you enjoy it Sherri!
This little tea set is going to look great on my miniature china cabinet......
A project in waiting!

For a moment I thought that was a real cat Ms. Sherri!

Love the wall colour and the table looks great - thanks for
sharing the pics!  Now we just have to get
you that headboard!  xo
(psssst....what a nice clean bedroom!)

Love the exchange thing!

Hope you are having a great week!
p.s. I am working on the layout of my blog - still learning
about things like  signatures and fonts and centering things
 on my pages, etc.  Stick with me
 - I will get the hang of it!


Shelly @A Creative Space said...

Exchanging is so much fun! I am going to take my friend up on some organizing, and all I have to do is make her coffee! Thank you so much for the Follow!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the fabric for the new drapes. It is such a lovely color and will go with anything. I really like neutrals, then I can punch the color up with small accessories. Always wanting to change. Thanks so much for the visit and your nice comment about the lampshade. Hugs, Marty