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Monday, 18 July 2011

Time for Something Different!

Kind of sounds like a line from Monty Python - no?  And, now for something completely different......

I sometimes wonder (do you?) if there's anything new to make - it always seems like I am a step or 2 behind the blogland sisterhood - but then I suppose it just speaks to the creativity out there in the world doesn't it?  So, I have seen a few examples of clock do-overs and thought I would like to try one myself.  Mr. Biff found this tacky lovely plastic clock at a garage sale for $2 (the vendor was asking $3)....even Mr. Biff thought it was kind of ugly showing potential so we brought it home. 

I did the only sensible thing - I took it apart and spray painted it with Rustoleum Ivory White.....then, guess what?  It looked like a tacky lovely white plastic clock.  Never say "give up" is my motto - so I perservered and brought out the sand paper - perhaps it would suffer look better with a little scouring.......yup, it did a little but more is better so I rubbed it with diluted burnt umber craft paint to highlight the crevices (kind of a poor man's version of glazing).  Next came a new face (I could use a facelift myself!) - I am trying desperately to remember where I got the graphic from - I don't think it was the Graphics Fairy - but I will have to dig some more to find where it came from (if you recognize it  - please let me know).  I printed the face on a laser printer and used spray adhesive to afix it to the front of the clock.  In the photos for some reason it does not look centered - you are going to have to take my word that it is - not sure why it looks off kilter (maybe I am off kilter....?haha).   I topped off the new paper face with a light rub of the burnt umber solution then sealed it with some matt modge podge.  I gave the whole thing a good spray with Krylon clear to seal and protect it.  Here's how it came out:

It's not perfection but I am happy with the result.  I put a dear friend's name on the face as the clock maker.  So that's how I spent my Monday night.....what did you do?

Whatever it was - I hope it was fun!

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