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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Holding the Vision

So before my adventure into blogging began I had this vision of what my house could look like.  I started saving pictures from blogs, from real estate flyers, and from magazines.  I knew (and still do) what I wanted.  I was thwarted by the fact that I am living in a rental house that, while it is cute, it's also too small and has absolutely no room for my crafting needs.  I can't show you my real-life office because honestly it would burst even my's one thing in my head and another in reality.  So, I am trying to hold a vision of what could be when (not if) we move into a larger home (even if it's another rental for now). 

One of the things I have longed for is a workspace/office/craft room that would not only give me space to work but would inspire me.  I knew exactly the main desk I wanted and while scanning Craigslist one evening a few months back - I saw it.....

It was listed for $40.  I thought it was a thing of beauty and I simply had to have it.  Mr. Biff (who is always the haggling, go-to-get-it-guy, promptly brought it home for me for $30.  My hero!  Since then it has sat under a bevy of boxes in our entry way as we make our way through the combined households that have been in storage for the past 2 years (another post, another time!).  What I am thinking of is painting this desk a creamy white right up to her neck....and then keeping the dark stained (altho I will refresh it) on the top.  The good news is that I have plenty of time to think about it as I don't think I want to paint it before moving it....  Here's a couple of angles of the desk to give you a better idea of it's size.

(that's not my junk in the drawers...yet)

Holding the vision....what will be....soon....

I read this quote the other day and loved it:  "The bad news:  time flies.  The good news:  you are the pilot."
Winging my way to a new place (even if it's in my head)
Good night and God Bless,

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