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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sunny Saturday - Having Fun!

Have you ever noticed how time speeds up when you are on vacation - really!  I swear this week has gone by at break-neck speed.  I did not get half of the projects done that I wanted to but the good news is - I have had a LOT of fun!  Mr. Biff and I always have a good time no matter what we are doing and this week was no exception.

I did get a couple of little projects done today after a quick tour of the surrounding neighbourhoods for garage sales (it is Saturday after all!)  The best thing by far accomplished today however was tidying up the old back deck and sharing a great glass of wine with a fine aged man cheese on the swing.

Mr. Biff unpacked a box of some of his Mom's treasures and while I never met her I am sure I would have loved her as much as I do her son!  In the box was this little 60's style dresser tray - you know those tacky cute ones with gold metal trim and mirrored glass? 

It wasn't as nice as this one - and the mirror was broken in several pieces.....anyway - I wanted to somehow preserve it and so I took the bottom off, got out the Rustoleum Ivory Bisque spray paint and went to town.  I then sprayed the bottom cardboard piece with Elmer's Spray Adhesive and covered it with burlap.  Inspired by so many of my fellow bloggers - I did the only remaining sensible thing and stencilled two cute little bird silhouettes onto the burlap using a simple dollar store stencil and black ink.  And this is how it turned out:

Now is that cute or what?  I think Mr. Biff's Mom would love it too!  While I was at it I did two little picture frames and put stencilled burlap into them as well....

These are going to hang in our bedroom alongside of a little framed word art - I will post pics when the bedroom is finally complete (waiting on lampshades - can't decide!)

At the garage sales today we got a few things - some more white china for the teapot lamp (we may have enough for two at the rate we are going!), some acrylic paints, a quilt for the dogs (even they have to have something pretty to sleep on!) and this great clock....I have plans for this clock......

It was $3 and while you can't really tell - it is wood.  I am going to use a new graphic for the face and paint it up.  Stay tuned for the makeover.

All-in-all a great day spent on the deck puttering at projects, clean-up, having wine & cheese and chasing the chickens away.  Another great day in the country city!

Rose (the black hen) and Litte Jerry Seinfeld (the red hen) running away from the gentle sweep of the broom for the 100th time today!  No one can tell me that chickens don't have personality - these gals are a hoot!

Tomorrow's a whole new day of possibilities.....until then,
Bless You,