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Sunday, 25 September 2011

30 - is it just a number? & a Giveaway!

Ever have that embarrassing experience of having
to guess someones age?  You know they kind of
force you to take a stab.  I have a rule I follow and
for the most part, it works.....for me - everyone is
"35" - unless they obviously appear younger.  I think
I use 35 because I still feel about 35!  OK, it's been
quite a few years since I was 35 but.....

I believe that your age is just a testament to how
long you have been alive and not a measure,
necessarily, of your accomplishments or your worth.

You may be a rocket scientist who made some
startling discovery about the universe at 25 for
example or you may be an equally impressive
57 year old grandparent who successfully raised
3 children and is now enjoying their children's children.

You get my's just a number people - YOU
give it value.....

Never-the-less I am excited about reaching 30
followers!!  Yeah Blog-Friends!!

I would like to giveaway this agate heart necklace
to share my "bloggy" love.....if you are a follower
or if you choose to become one just
 leave me a comment below as your entry.

I, or Mr. Biff, will put your name in a hat (really!)
and will award this beauty to one of you......

Giveaway closes Friday, September 30th at
midnight PST and is open internationally.

Thanks again for following me.....I LOVE reading
your blogs and following you too!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Um......Nah, I Got Nothin.....

Maybe it's the time of year....maybe it's the rain
but I am feeling dreadfully uninspired!

I just want to curl up somehwere cozy....

Marcie's got the right idea!

How about you?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Look What I Got....

Now is that bad grammar?  Look what I got? 
Look what I found?  Look what I've got? 

Symantics I say! I did get some cool new furniture
this last week.  Three pieces to be exact and here are
two (don't have a pic yet of the third). 

I call this one the "hutch of my dreams"....because it is
exactly what I have been looking for....something with
good enough bones to keep but not so good that it would
be a crime to paint.  This baby fits the bill and will look
fabulous in my dining room!  Can't you see
 her all white and distressed?

This picture is little because it came from the
Craigslist ad and I couldn't blow it up .  But what
is it you ask?  It's an old stereo cabinet with the
old stereo still in it!  Yeah!  Mr. Biff is an avid vinyl
collector so what better way to marry two hobbies?  We
will be painting this one as well as it is a little dinged here
and there.  The guts are all there - even a replacement
stylus for the turntable......I can hear Abba calling me....
"Take a chance on me, honey I'm still free"
(and it was! free that is!)

The last piece is a coffee table - it was also free as in
"found at the curb".  It's a little rough and needs some TLC.
No picture but I'll be sure and take a before - BEFORE
I start to paint.....

Hope you all had a great weekend,

p.s. I added two new buttons but they aren't working - one for email and
one to put my linky parties in.....stay tuned it's a work in progress!

Friday, 16 September 2011

It's a Question of Balance.....

Sometimes, I must admit, I do find it hard to keep
all of the balls in the air.  I might have mentioned
that I do have a full time job, in an often fast-
paced environment.  Occasionally this translates
to a very tired Peggy!
Image Source:  Google Images

This week has been one of those weeks where
I would rather read YOUR blog than write mine!

I did, however, acquire a couple of great pieces
of furniture that I will blog in more detail about
this weekend for surely I will feel renewed after
a good glass of wine nights sleep.

Hope you've all had a great week and thanks for
providing continued inspiration.  Y'all rock you know!

Friday, 9 September 2011

In the Navy & a Shooting Star......

The other morning I was up uber early
and standing in the driveway in the dark
waiting for Mr. Biff (I was driving him to
work).....I was looking up in wonder and awe
at the beautiful pre-dawn sky filled with stars
and right before my very eyes a brilliant
shooting star shot across the sky and exploded
in a burst....*sigh* we are so small compared
to the universe - what a beautiful sight!

I eluded in my last post to something fun I
was going to do today but the darn flu/cold
thing going around laid me low so I couldn't
go!  Mr. Biff is sick too....phooey.  So what
was I going to do you ask?

Believe it or not - go for a day long sail - including
doing military maneuvers aboard this:

The HMCS Regina - REALLY!

Last year - we were lucky enough to go on the
HMCS Calgary while they ran through some maneuvers
including:  bomb evasion (smoke bombs dropped
by the big Aurora aircraft);  a water rescue with frogmen
dropped into the water from a helicopter; and
full speed rapid stops - it was a blast!  I am
sorry that we did not get to go but still feel
lucky to have gone last year!  Here's a couple of
our photos from last year on the Calgary:

This is a member of the Calgary's "Boarding Team" - they
are the ones who board unregistered ships (often
with immigrants aboard) off the Coast.  This ship has
also been involved in active duty during the past year.

It was such a great day!

*Sniffle* *Sneeze*....maybe next year?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I Was Featured! and some more BLING....

Wow, as a newbie - it's very exciting to be
featured!  And I was at the Vintage Farmhouse
Creative Things Thursday.....thanks Nicki!

Nicki featured the table I made and wrote
about in this post.

Be sure to hop on over and link up to the party
going on now at The Vintage Farmhouse.

Speaking of all things creative (we were you know) I
love to make jewelry which I may have mentioned
(about a bazillion times!)  and I thought I would share
a few more of my creations today.  They are all
available to purchase - just email me if you see something
you like at - I can ship
anywhere in the world (average cost for air is about $7).

Have a great Thursday!  and hey, wait until you see where I
get to go tomorrow....I will post a little teaser tonight.
It's VERY exciting and kind of a once in a lifetime gig.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thank you to all my people....

In the words of my favourite blogger
Priscilla (she makes me laugh!) - I'm versatile!

Rules for the Versatile Blogger:
  1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 blogs you have been enjoying recently.
Without further ado (don't you hate those Academy Awards
where they go on and on and on...)
 I would like to thank Priscilla at Thrifty Crafty Girl
 for giving me this award!  Please go look at her blog,
 it's not only awesome - it's brilliant,
funny and full of good stuff.
 I'd also like to thank Mr. Biff for sticking
 with me through this misadventure!

7 Things About Me

1. I've lived in pretty much every region
 of British Columbia (it's a BIG province)
and a couple of places in Ontario.

2. I've been in the workforce forever
- really forever!  35 years
 of course I was only 2 when I started working...

3. I have a tattoo - um, can you say
"mid-life crisis"?  It will be "cute"
again when I am 90-something I am sure!

4. I believe that ultimately only
 kindness matters (thank you for the song Jewel)

5. I am a survivor who believes that
life is a series of calculated risks.

6. I don't think a day should pass without
a little dancing and at least one good
belly laugh!

7. I live with my soulmate - it took us
about a bajillion years to find each other
 - but we did -
and I can't imagine how I ever lived without him!

Now, 15 of my favorite blogs to pass this on to :

Marni at Sassy Sites
Shelli at Alamode
Julie & Sharon at Vintage Shabby Chicks
Sandy at Paint Me White
Laura at Decor to Adore
Gina at Red No. 3

I would definitely put Priscilla at Thrify Crafty Girl
in there again as well!

There are lots more great blogs on my regular
reading list that I am always anxious to read each
morning with my coffee.  I would like to thank each and
every one of them for all the inspiration and the
genuine sharing spirit of the blogging community!

In otherwords....thanks to all my blogging peeps!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Everything is Beachy!

So I am working away on the conversion of our
little rental house from warm reds and sage greens
to beachy blues, turqouises and soft greens.  I
am starting to enjoy the transition - there's nothing
like a change (I've heard it's as good as a rest!)

In keeping with the beachy theme I promised
in this post that I would show you the end
result of taking a little carving board and
turning it into a sign.

Now use your smooshie vision
(explained in this post) remember - it's
my first sign!

What do you think?  Would you be
able to find the beach?

BTW - please go and vote for my
ugly (altho beachy) lamp over at Better After.
It's the not so pretty fishy one!

Ciao Bellas, have an awesome week!

I'm in the running! Ugly Lamp Contest~

Holy stromboli, get excited! 
  Better After's Annual  
is officially underway! 
That's right - my "Rollie Pollie" Fish Lamp
is in the first round - please go vote...
IT IS UGLY and to help me pay for
the ugly sin of actually
buying this lamp (actually 
Mr. Biff did)
"I" could win a $75
gift certificate!
Do you remember the lamp
from this post?
Maybe then I could buy
flipper a new shade.....
or give him a coat of paint....
or feed him....he looks hungry!
And those eyes - they just won't
quit staring accusingly at Mr. Biff....
Do you think he's salvageable?
Check it out @
Whatcha waitin' for? Go Vote!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Island Girl....

Saturday was the perfect day for
a trip "up Island" to hang out with
family for a fabulous BBQ.
That's the Coastal Mountain Range on the mainland in
the background taken from the beach in Campbell River, BC
by Mr. Biff himself!
The weather was perfect and the
company (Mr. Biff) delightful for
the drive. A little Eagles, some Kansas
and even a little Rush thrown in. No
easy listening on this trip it was thumping
rock all the way Baby!
The "Inland" Island Highway going North above
and South below....that's some of the Gulf Islands
you can see from the highway.
I finished painting a chair today and as
we have established many times - I am
such a bad blogger I forgot to take the
before"picture - I will, however, post
the "after" tomorrow.
I am thinking about what to put on
this sign. What? It's a cutting board
you say? Not any more! I am going
to see how it can cut it as a sign
(oh, punny Peg, very punny!)
Check back tomorrow for my progress!
And in the meantime, God Bless!

Friday, 2 September 2011

It's been one week since I blogged at you....

Turned my head to the side and said "I'm lazy"
Five days since you laughed at me saying
"Get that together and come back and see me"

Ok, I'm shamelessly plagiarizing the lyrics of
the Barenaked Ladies "One Week" but it's because
when I started to type tonight - it's what was playing
in my head.....and it really has been one week since
I blogged at you! (And, I've taken great
liberties with the lyrics to make them fit! - my
apologies to the "Ladies"!)

It's been a LONG week.....first week back to work
after summer holidays - and while I love my job - it
is hard to shift from holiday mode to work mode in
just a few days.  By the end of the week I had reacquired
my business acumen!

I did do a little bit of crafty stuff this week and will
have pictures to prove it up on Sunday.  Tomorrow is
a family day - up Island.  Hope you all have a safe
and happy long weekend,