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Friday, 9 September 2011

In the Navy & a Shooting Star......

The other morning I was up uber early
and standing in the driveway in the dark
waiting for Mr. Biff (I was driving him to
work).....I was looking up in wonder and awe
at the beautiful pre-dawn sky filled with stars
and right before my very eyes a brilliant
shooting star shot across the sky and exploded
in a burst....*sigh* we are so small compared
to the universe - what a beautiful sight!

I eluded in my last post to something fun I
was going to do today but the darn flu/cold
thing going around laid me low so I couldn't
go!  Mr. Biff is sick too....phooey.  So what
was I going to do you ask?

Believe it or not - go for a day long sail - including
doing military maneuvers aboard this:

The HMCS Regina - REALLY!

Last year - we were lucky enough to go on the
HMCS Calgary while they ran through some maneuvers
including:  bomb evasion (smoke bombs dropped
by the big Aurora aircraft);  a water rescue with frogmen
dropped into the water from a helicopter; and
full speed rapid stops - it was a blast!  I am
sorry that we did not get to go but still feel
lucky to have gone last year!  Here's a couple of
our photos from last year on the Calgary:

This is a member of the Calgary's "Boarding Team" - they
are the ones who board unregistered ships (often
with immigrants aboard) off the Coast.  This ship has
also been involved in active duty during the past year.

It was such a great day!

*Sniffle* *Sneeze*....maybe next year?

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Decorating with Cents said...

Wow, that is so neat. I had a chance to go on one once (can't remember the name) it was years ago, I just remember standing on board and being in awe. It's amazing how huge those things are... my son was a little tyke then about 4 and he was i his glory that whole day, smiling that toothless smile. Lovely. It was absolutely lovely. :-)