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Monday, 5 September 2011

I'm in the running! Ugly Lamp Contest~

Holy stromboli, get excited! 
  Better After's Annual  
is officially underway! 
That's right - my "Rollie Pollie" Fish Lamp
is in the first round - please go vote...
IT IS UGLY and to help me pay for
the ugly sin of actually
buying this lamp (actually 
Mr. Biff did)
"I" could win a $75
gift certificate!
Do you remember the lamp
from this post?
Maybe then I could buy
flipper a new shade.....
or give him a coat of paint....
or feed him....he looks hungry!
And those eyes - they just won't
quit staring accusingly at Mr. Biff....
Do you think he's salvageable?
Check it out @
Whatcha waitin' for? Go Vote!

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