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Sunday, 25 September 2011

30 - is it just a number? & a Giveaway!

Ever have that embarrassing experience of having
to guess someones age?  You know they kind of
force you to take a stab.  I have a rule I follow and
for the most part, it works.....for me - everyone is
"35" - unless they obviously appear younger.  I think
I use 35 because I still feel about 35!  OK, it's been
quite a few years since I was 35 but.....

I believe that your age is just a testament to how
long you have been alive and not a measure,
necessarily, of your accomplishments or your worth.

You may be a rocket scientist who made some
startling discovery about the universe at 25 for
example or you may be an equally impressive
57 year old grandparent who successfully raised
3 children and is now enjoying their children's children.

You get my's just a number people - YOU
give it value.....

Never-the-less I am excited about reaching 30
followers!!  Yeah Blog-Friends!!

I would like to giveaway this agate heart necklace
to share my "bloggy" love.....if you are a follower
or if you choose to become one just
 leave me a comment below as your entry.

I, or Mr. Biff, will put your name in a hat (really!)
and will award this beauty to one of you......

Giveaway closes Friday, September 30th at
midnight PST and is open internationally.

Thanks again for following me.....I LOVE reading
your blogs and following you too!

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Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Hi Peggy....I think that is a good rule of thumb, 35 it is, unless like you said they are for sure younger. Thanks for joining my newbie party. What a pretty giveaway too.

Ann said...

Peggy--Found you via Debbiedoo's. I'm a newish blogger, too. 35. Wow, it's been a long time since I could pass for that, but I'd take it! LOL. Sweet giveaway, too.

Geneva said...

Very nice post...and congratulations on your 30 plus followers. I'll join your 30 something others. ":o)

Decorating with Cents said...

Peggy, I would love for you to guess my age...I can't remember the last time I saw that number (is there really such a number???) Delightful read!

Sydney said...

You know I looooove your jewelry. And we aren't talking about my age....