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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rollie-Pollie Fish

One word:  SUN! 

Fabulous day here on the Island - Bathtub Race events in full swing - if you
don't know what they are - check them out here

Hung around in the sunshine much of the day - what can I
say - I've been waiting for the warm weather to
get painting and then it gets nice
and I just feel too happy to be in the sun
 to do anything!

We did take a few things to Tracy's garage sale today and we pulled
a few weeds in the front yard (they are still
overtaking everything!)  When I came back inside to
get out of the sun for a moment I checked Craigslist
 (what can I say I am OCD).  Lo and behold - there was
an advertised "chuck out"....yeehaw - here we go!
We needed to go for a drive anyway didn't we? 

 We went to the free-for-all and picked up a
little stool, an upholstered foot rest, and a couple of
 grapevine/twig wreaths.  The stool and the foot rest
 definitely need a make-over but I'm on it!  We also got
one of those things that's too ugly interesting to pass up!
  Now tell the truth -
Would you have brought this home?

Can you see this baby painted creamy white, or pale blue? 
 C'mon work with me here! 
I will just have to try it and if it works....I will show you!

Later in the day I puttered around the kitchen - I have moved
out most of my  red accents and am moving toward
something more cottagey (is that a word?)
Remember I got these two little shelf boards - here's what
 I did with them - they are on opposite ends of
 the counter beside the cabinets - they are so shallow (snobby
little things!) that they don't interfere with the 
opening of the cupboard doors.

I also had this gross colourful little pear shelf and I do
so love pears - but I wasn't wild about the colours so I
spray painted it white and distressed it just a little and
now it's a happy soap and hand lotion holder beside my sink.
It even has a hook for my dishcloth.  Now if I could
just wrap my head around doing dishes.....

At the end of the day when we were bringing some
 stuff in - our resident cat (he doesn't
belong to us but he definitely lives at our house)
was standing by the "Free" sign that Mr. Biff had put on a desk
at our curb (yes occasionally I do throw things back!)
Any takers?  He's a beauty!

Hope you had a great Saturday!

Blessings to you,

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