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Monday, 4 July 2011

Ode to a Rose....

This is just a short post - not meant to be morbid but rather to celebrate the life of the little black hen we affectionately knew as Rose.  Rose passed on today - she was such a sweet bird and a great little pet.  What I will remember most about her is constantly shooing her away from my painted red toenails that she was somehow convinced were her favourite treat (cherry tomatoes).  Mr. Biff and I were new to chicken farming and have enjoyed having the two hens in our city backyard.  As a point of interest the two hens delivered us one and sometimes two fresh eggs each and every day.  Little Jerry Seinfeld, our remaining Isa Brown hen will miss her buddy I am sure.   It's been a great experience having the chance to have a little country life in the city.

Rest in Peace Little Rose.....
God Bless,

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