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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head....

But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red....crying's not for (but man oh man would I love to get reacquainted with summer)  I keep thinking any day soon the heat will turn up and we'll all start complaining about how hot and humid it is....bring it on sista!!

In the meantime - I am busy trying to do "inside" things to avoid smelly paint in the back hall.  I have been working on many things (I think I am the ultimate multi-tasker and then I realize I am just a little crazy trying to do too much at once!).  Mr. Biff and I went to our favourite "Skiff City" yesterday and got a great little table - here she is:

The table is definitely "Bee" approved!

The table had wobbly legs and so I took the top off and with a little magic "Gorilla Glue" I fixed the one side that was loose.  It's plenty steady now!  I wanted to use this table to try the french label inspired table that Lorrie at the Red Hen (here) created.  My table would be smaller scale and as it was only $5 I kind of figured it would be ok if all didn't go quite right.  I printed the label (I pulled the graphic from the Graphics Fairy here into Excel) - it was three 8.5x11 pages wide.  Here's how it looked once I had taped it together:
I didn't have any fancy transfer stuff so I used the old-fashioned lead tracing method....covering the whole back of the image with pencil:

I flipped over the paper and then traced it with a pencil:
Sounds good in theory but it was hardly legible....I will try something a little higher tech next time!  It transferred enough for me to attempt to go over it with a fine black Sharpee.  I then went back with a slightly thicker (altho still fine) Sharpee and filled in the remaining lettering.  Once it was done I sanded the surface lightly to take some of the Sharpee shine off.  Here's where I left off:

I plan to stain it with Minwax "American Walnut".  I am going to paint the bottom of the table a delicious creamy white with a little light distressing.  I couldn't finish it today because of the rain!  Stay tuned - I will post the finished product this week.

When I read that Lorrie used a Sharpee - I actually had trouble visualizing how it might come out - but trust me - it comes out quite well and it much easier (for those of us paint-brush challenged) than trying to paint the lettering. 

I hope that it's warm and dry where ever you are and that the sun is shining!

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Home Frosting said...

Love what you did with the tabletop! Can't wait to see the entire table finished. Lesa