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Friday, 24 June 2011

Vacation Time!

I can't believe its been a whole week without posting anything here - its been crazy busy!  I have wrapped up some projects and started some others.  This evening I finished my very own version of "plaque attack" and used some graphics from the Graphics Fairy that I got here.  They didn't turn out too badly.  I also decided, while Mr. Biff was at a meeting and dinner was simmering on the stove, (don't I sound like a marvelous multi-tasker?...hee,hee if you only knew) anyway, I also decided to try my hand at covering a lampshade since Amanda at Beloved Rubbish made it look so easy.  It wasn't too difficult but I will definitely need to do a few more before I could consider giving them away or selling them.  I will post pics of the plaques and the lampshade tomorrow.  I've got this great candlestick wooden lamp to paint white and plunk my newly made lampshade on - I think I will keep it.

Vacation for the week is going to be spent working on projects and redoing a few rooms in the little rental house.  Need to refresh our style and make some room - too much clutter!  I will try to remember to take some befores and afters.  I also really want to make some jewelry - I got some great new crystals that are just begging to dangle from someone's ear!  I also have a few frames to make some earring holders - my good friend Sherri sent me a picture tongiht of the one I made for her loaded with her amazing earring collection - this gal is stylin' big time! 

It was a very simple thrift store frame ($1) painted black with bronze netting stapled onto the back.  I like the netting as it gives an almost transparent (like the earrings are hanging on nothing) illusion.

I hope you will follow along with me this week - Mr. Biff's camera turned up and is working so I have many photos to share!  Tomorrow is Saturday and what is Saturday - Garage Sale Day!   Whahoo, hope you have a good night and see you tomorrow out in the neighbourhood,

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