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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Garage Sale Saturday!

Well let me tell you a wonderful story about garage Mr. Biff and I headed out around 0830 - can you believe it?  We followed the signs and found some really cool things!  We set ourselves an absolute upward limit of $20 today - you won't believe what we got.  I must say that Mr. Biff is a spectacular barterer....he is intent on getting ready for our little business venture and doesn't let emotion stand in his way! Not only did we get some great bargains but, yes, you guessed it - we found a couple of "chuck outs" (truly one was more like an up-chuck)...but we got a solid wood double bed headboard, footboard and rails at one place and a cute little school desk at another. 

The little birds above are, without a doubt my favourite find today at 25 cents...they are too cute!  The little step stool just needs a little cleaning and it's perfect at $1.  The white desk was free.  Everything you see in the 3rd pic was $10 combined (that's Mr. Biff at work)....lampshades, little shabby chic shelf, silk cushion, seahorse hook, 3 chunky candlesticks, 2 large matted pictures (I wanted the frames) and a beautiful wreath still in the box. 

The top photo shows all the amazing finds the other $10 bought - the step stool, the two silver plates, 5 brand new bottles of craft paint, 10 yards of piping, an enamel jug, some netting (for my earring holders), a wooden bowl, a bag full of cute little handmade gift bags and a bag full of furniture knobs.  Also included in that sweep was a vintage chinese checkers board, a vintage pillow, and 2 square foam pillows with ugly covers but great form!!

You will have to watch over the coming weeks to see what we do with all these treasures.  We are planning a tea/garden party in early August to showcase our furniture and knick knacks.....more to come.

In the meantime - here is the top part of the pantry I was working on a couple of weeks ago - remember the bottom is an old tv stand/entertainment unit and the top is a repurposed changing table....see what paint and a little imagination can do?

Please ignore the stacked up pillows next to the cabinet - its been raining and all the deck cushions have to go somewhere!

Until tomorrow...
God Bless,

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