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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

$1.49 Day Tuesday!

Does anyone else remember $1.49 day?  A gazillion (yes it is actually a real measure of time) years ago when I was little (now you know we are really talking a gazillion years!) I used to go downtown Vancouver on the bus with my Mum and my Nanny (Grandma).  We would go especially for $1.49 day at Woodwards Department store.  We would go and pick up all of the specials and then trip on over to the Army & Navy store - which was, I think, my first experience with discount or thrift type shopping (see - no wonder I am a shopper by nature!).  Many deals were had at the old Army & Navy.   In the mid sixties some time I got the absolutest neato-keen yellow patent vinyl sling back shoes with a white plastic daisy on the front - they were to die for and I practically did.  I begged and whined and generally (I am sure) made Mum's life miserable on one of those shopping trips until she gave in and let me buy them with my own money.  I also bought a pair of white fishnet stockings - I think I was in grade 7 maybe......imagine - yellow patent and white fishnet - does it get better than that?  To top it off my Mum made me a dress out of one of her old dresses - it would have been very in style today (they say fashion just cycles around and it's so true).  The dress had a yellow yoke and a navy pleated bottom - it was kind of like a smock dress.  Now that's what I'm talkin' about.....working it at 12!~  Such fun memories - if you have any of $1.49 days - please share!!  The best part about it tho was spending the day with my Mum and Nan - we always went for lunch at one of the department store cafeterias - it was a real day out! 

What's cool about looking back is how much has changed and yet, how very much has stayed the same.  Today (along with Mr. Biff) I was putting the bedroom together (pictures soon as there is still some work to do on lamps and pictures) - anyway, I had purchased some plates over the past few years and thought I would display them in the bedroom above the bed as there isn't much wall space for hanging stuff (wow I do digress) - anyway again....I had left the price tags on the backs of the plates and the average price I paid was 79 cents.  Now I think of my Mum or more likely my Nan having a whole set of these plates - maybe a wedding gift or part of her trusseau.  What sometimes is mistaken for junk could once have been someone's coveted treasure.  I guess that's why I like to rescue the little odds and ends that gather on the top shelves or at the back of the plate bins at the thrift stores.  Who knows what those little pieces of treasure have seen in their little ceramic lives? 

Re-reading my post above I realize I sound more than a little ditzy over plates - but that's ok - it's Tuesday and I'm still on vacation and I am a little tired but oh so happy.....(as I am sure are my little plates in their new places of honour.)  I will go to bed dreaming of yellow slingbacks and pretty rose covered plates......

Until tomorrow, God Bless,

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