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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Don't know when I've felt so blue....don't know what's come over you....oh, wait, yes I do - the Canucks lost to Boston 4-0 for the Stanley Cup!  Congrats to Boston and Tim Thomas for his Con Smythe award.  But that's enough already about hockey!!

AS I mentioned last night I decided to take some 49 cent coasters I picked up at the Ladysmith Thrift Store and turn them into something more appealing.  I decoupaged them with handmade paper (I didn't make it - I got it at the favourite store!) and then I printed some bird silhouettes from the internet and life in old coasters!  I think they need something else?  Maybe some stain?  For sure they need a good coat of spray varathane to waterproof them before use.  Anyway - here's the before and after and I am going to have to apologize for the crappy photos because my beautiful camera is dying a slow, painful death and doesn't want to focus on much these days....

So 49 cents a little paper and ink...probably $1 total for their new look....what do you think?

Next up - I am going to fix up this cute little easel - I have some ideas of how to revive it.  I am either going to use it to display my jewelry when I go to markets or I will make it "pretty" for one of my little great-nieces.  Either way - it will be a fun project to tackle.  Stay tuned for the afters on this one.

As always, God Bless and GET BUSY!

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