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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday Bliss

There's nothing I like better in the whole world than to stay home on a Sunday and putter.  Today, high on my putter list was the little cabinet we picked up from Kajiji about 2 weeks ago.  It is intended to become the bottom part of a pantry cupboard - born of necessity as our little rental house kitchen is very small without much storage.  The cabinet was originally intended to be a tv cabinet.  I did my best to disguise it with 2 coats of Rustoleum's Herbal Green.  I lightly sanded and then added a rub of burnt umber craft acrylic.  Once that all dried I sprayed a light coat of clear varathane to help with wear.  This is the bottom half only.....stay tuned for the top!

I think this turned out rather well....I will show you what it looks like with the "hutch" on top once I get that painted and sorted out as well.  I even had time today to finish painting the free headboard we picked up last night - it wasn't bad as it was -however it didn't fit the vision I have for our bedroom.  I will take some before and after pics of our bedroom (Mr. Biff wants me to clean it up first!!) to show you what you can do with free and or inexpensive furniture....

The headboard took two cans of Ivory White Rustoleum Spray - again I rubbed the finished product with some burnt umber acrylic craft paint and sealed it all with clear semi-gloss finish.  I can't wait to see it in place - hope to get to tackle the bedroom next weekend!  Need to make some drapes as the window is the backdrop for the headboard (you will understand when you see how tiny the room is!)

Overall a great day today with Marcie cheering me on from her perch on one of the old swing pillows (another project from another day which I will post here this week.)

So much more to show & tell but I will save some for later this week.  Hope your weekend was even half as good as mine - it was fantastic!  Thanks as always to Mr. Biff who not only provides his great skill to these projects but also provides the much appreciated lifting ability to get everything from point A to point B!  Love ya Hon! 

Until later....God Bless you and yours! 

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Pamela said...

Your project turned out great!