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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I have an addiction.....

My name is Peggy and I am an addict....
Yup, it's true - I am one of those people who is hopelessly,
helplessly addicted to their Blackberry.  I'm not proud of it but
it's time to come clean.  If you, like me, can answer "yes" to
any of these questions - you too might be an addict:

1.  Do you roll out of bed and grab your phone to check
for overnight messages? (now really -
who's texting you at night?)

2.  Have you ever taken your phone into the bathroom
with you?  (c'mon admit it you have - haven't you?)

3.  Have you found yourself gazing into the eyes of your
friend or loved one while they are talking to you and you
aren't hearing a word they are saying because
 you are wondering if you have any new messages?

4.  Do you return texts and emails within mere
moments of receiving them?

5.  Have you ever texted someone in the same house or
office because it was easier than getting up to find them?

6.  Do you need your phone to be visible at all times so
you can see or hear the telling alert that a message
has arrived?

Now I'm not saying that I could say "yes" to all of these
and I am going to leave you to wonder which ones I really
am guilty of.  I only know that the darn little Blackberry
does NOT own me.....I own it (er, really, I am sure I do)
and I will not in 2012 let that nasty little piece of techno
hardware rule my world. 

Oh, by the way - check out this cute little snuggly I got
the little gaffer.....
that is after I wrapped it
up in this pretty, blingly little "skin".....

But wait, there is hope - you, like me, can control it.....
turn it off, turn it upside down,
mute the tone that tells you there's a message and get
on with life.....nothing, truly nothing is more important
than this day!

I will if you will.......

1 comment:

Christine said...

Haha!! I am guilty of most of those! To make it worse I downloaded the Kindle app so I can read books on mine too. And let's not even talk about Facebook.....

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