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Thursday, 12 January 2012

I can imagine....can you?

the space between

Karah at the Space Between invited me to participate
in this challenge she and the bloggers listed above
have I am inviting YOU!

I had to think about what I would consider an
impossible challenge at this point and it was actually
easy - almost a "no-brainer".  Back in the Fall I purchased
 two wing chairs with the intention of slipcovering them.
Hmmm.....everytime I think of about getting it done I get
kind of worried, then scared and then, well, I just walk away!

I am going to face my fear and tackle at least one of them
and commit to getting it done by the 31st of January!
I will post my progress after this weekend (my plan is
to start tomorrow....wish me luck!)

Hop on over to Karah's blog to read more - here's a little
piece to get you are interested - right?

What would you try if you had no boundries?
What ideas do you have floating around that you (or others)
think are just nuts?
  What do you really just want to try even though a big
 part of you thinks it’s just not going to work? 
It could be anything people! Skydiving, mountain climbing,
creative writing, closet organizing, gourmet cooking...
Is it lamp painting, table decorating, long distance running, kayaking?
Your impossible is just that, YOURS!
There’s no too big or small, right or wrong.
What limitations have you set for yourself that you might,
just maybe, be able to talk yourself out of?
Oh, just Imagine the Impossibilities!


fiona anderson said...

Well done, I've signed up for this as well. To put up 10 shelves with a hammer drill, and to do it on my own !!!
Good luck, can't wait to see the finished results.

Sherry said...

Tempting, perhaps I should give it a shot. (smile)