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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom....And a Riddle....

Ok, I just can't take myself seriously enough to keep up the wise words.
I like the idea of mixing it up a little more and think that just "Wednesday's
Words" might be a better title.  I won't feel so compelled to channel my
inner philosopher......instead I will continue to just "be me".
(I am poking fun at me here - sometimes I just get too
philosophical with my quotes....LOL)
So what's up?  Here's a riddle for you.....some of you may have seen
this before.  For the record most kindergartener's got it while most college
graduates did riddle me this.....
What is greater than God?
The poor have it.
The rich want it.
If you eat it you will die.
I am sure most of you will get it but please leave me a comment to
tell me you got it or not.....and if you didn't - wanna know?
Hugs & Blessings,

1 comment:

Veronica and Daniel said...

Got it :) but I wont spoil it for others...