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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Playing with Cutlery....

For quite some time I have wanted to make a "place setting" wall hanging
for my dining room.  My dining room is a work in progress but I have been
seeing these all over the internet....all the creative people out there re-purposing
old cutlery into art.  So here's my attempt - I think I will try another one but
this one will "hang around" for awhile!

This one is nothing special - just a cheap set of 10 cent cutlery from
a thrift store....
A little ORB.....
Then a little white craft paint dry "dabbed" on  - once it was dry I did
the same with some pretty blue paint.
The background was this little re-purposed plaque - it was the perfect
size and was only 95 cents.  I just covered it with some pretty
 scrapbook paper...shabbied up the edges a bit.
When I turned it over I found this sweet little note:
July 8, 1998
My Dear Tara,
I was in the mall today and saw this picture and thought of you!
I sure miss my little girl.  See you at the end of July.  Love to David,
All My Love, Mom!!
I felt bad for a moment or two before I slapped on the modge-
podge - I did leave the note on the back - as a little "provenance"....
*giggle*  hope Mom & Tara won't mind too much!
Here's a tip:  I buy up all the plaques I find that are in
good shape - they make great gifts covered with scrap paper
or your own images - a really easy way to mount photos or
artwork to make it display ready.  All those old "Holly Hobby"
plaques are just begging for a new life and most thrift
stores have tons - they range from 25 cents to a buck!

This is what I ended up with:
If I try it again (and you know I will!) I think I will do monochromatic
white on white and maybe do just all spoons or just all forks.....

What do you think?  For less than $2 it's going to be a cute little
addition to my dining room wall and will fit well with the hints of
turquoise and teal I have planned.


Angie Ouellette-Tower said...

Very cool Cutlery Art! I'm your newest follower (through linky followers) from 52 Mantels blog hop
If you get a chance - please checkout my blog:

Sherry said...

Peggy this is lovely!

fiona anderson said...

| agree, it's lovely. Actually i've been framing some cutlery myself, it always looks so effective.
I love both your chairs in the post below too, very inventive with the planting, and I love the fabric on the other one.