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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Landfill Rescue

Isn't "landfill" a much nicer work than "the dump"?  Either way
this beautiful chair was destined to make it's way to that place of
no return.  The seat of the chair was a little wonky and definitely
needed work but people.....look at the chair itself.  It was dirty and
has had one small repair on one arm but it is gorgeous!
(Warning - this is a photo-laden post!)
Here she is when we brought her home.  There was no thought
of painting her despite my tendency to paint everything!  The wood
grain on this red oak is just marvelous and the craftsmanship of the
chair itself (put together with wooden dowels) speaks for itself.

Mr. Biff cleaned and waxed the wood and took care
of pulling all the old nails.

I threw in a little liquid encouragement to keep him going!

I guess Mr. Biff didn't want his picture taken huh?  He grabbed
that pillow so fast I barely got a chance to click the shutter!!

 I restrung and covered the seat - a good collaborative effort.......

The little spade keyhole cutout in the back of the chair likely dates
this chair to the late 19th century although with no maker's mark
it's impossible to be sure.  The style is called a spool chair because
of the beautiful turned spindles on the legs.

Only the best fabric could cover this lovely and for those of you
who live on Vancouver Island or the Lower Mainland you know there
was just one place to go to get the best and that was Chintz & Company
in Victoria.  This Williamsburg fabric is a vintage looking damask
 and a perfect match for the chair.

 What do you think?  Isn't she a beauty?

She'll be for sale on our local "Used Nanaimo" page later
today and we'll see if anyone else loves her like we do!

If you are interested and live in the area - please contact me
for more information.

p.s. please check out my Digital Scrapbook Giveaway
here - still time to enter - giveaway closes June 9th at midnight PST.


Rob Hunt said...

Nice chair great job of doing it up!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

It is amazing what people throw out! Looks great

Nita Davis said...

Great find, and beautiful restoration. It always amazes me the person that kicked it to the curb probably had no idea what a fantastic piece of history they were throwing away.
Have a great weekend.