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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Winner of the My Memories Giveaway and Advice Please!

Thank you to all (5 of you!) who entered the
My Memories giveaway I hosted
this past week.  The lucky winner of the giveaway is:

Bunny Jean @ 

Hi Peggy!
I thought I was already following you... well I am now for sure! I try to follow
everyone who joins my party.  I will try to come back later to let you know
what layout I liked best.
xoxo Bunny Jean

Congrats Bunny Jean - I will send you an email you
how to download your free My Memories digital
scrapbook software - I hope you will have fun with it!!

On another note - I would welcome ideas on how to
increase participation in my giveaways - I have a really
great one coming up for my one year blogiversary and I
would like to maximize the!


nelda said...

I'm not much help on giveaways, because I usually only enter ones where it is something that the blogger has created. I have enough other stuff..also, I only enter if there is a just one thing required such as leaving a comment.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I am so happy that Bunny won! I was secretly hoping she would win when my daughter did the same giveaway.:)

Bunny Jean said...

Hi Peggy!

Oh thank you! I hardly ever win anything! Like Sandy said, I entered her DD's giveaway for this product. I am SO happy to win this!

Joining a few parties every week will get you established and you can also
'advertise' it at the top of your blog... Like I have done for my party. That banner stays there all the time. Or just a 'button' at the top of your side bar.

I will email you to tell you how I made that party banner.

xoxo Bunny Jean