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Monday, 10 October 2011

Temporary Time-Out To Move....

I might be a little lax on the blogging for
the next 10 days or so as we prepare for our's SO fun once it's done but man
oh man - it's a LOT of work.  This little clipart
reminded me of Mr. Biff driving our little red
truck back and forth to the new house this
past week.  Bless his heart he's a good man!

We are drowning in boxes at our old
house and trying to get it ready for the
landlord to show to potential new renters.

It's a delicate balance moving between
rental homes - out on the 31st and in on
the 1st - I've never figured out what you are
supposed to do overnight...LOL.   Thank
goodness we had the foresight to "double"
rent for a couple of weeks....makes things
much easier if you can swing it.

And then there's the pooches....worried because
everything is getting packed (again!)

Don't worry girls - you will be coming with us!

Some would say this is the prime time to purge but
honestly - I am just keeping my head above water
with packing and moving most of the
little stuff ourselves.

Then there's the "real" moving day when the
truck with the nice strong men comes!

And then.....


So don't lose sight of me while we are moving
I will try to check in with mini-posts!

Be good!  Be blessed!

all photos  & clipart from Google Images


Shannon said...

Good luck with the move! See you when the unpacking is complete.

Simply Beautiful Now said...

Good luck with your move...I'm following you, so I'll see you after you've moved.

Thanks for following me!

Cindy said...

Good luck with your move, Peggy! I plan on doing that, also, sometime in the next year. Thanks for taking time out from packing to visit my blog and leave a comment! : ) Happy you enjoyed my photos of my walk in the woods!
Hugs, Cindy

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