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Saturday, 8 October 2011

One Lonely Blue Jar.....

One is the loneliest number that
you'll ever do (Thank you Three
Dog Night!)

It's true....I am blue....but oh so crazy
excited!  I got my very first Blue Ball Jar.
Now does that make me some kind of
graduate blogger?  I have searched and
searched my little island world over to try and
find the lovely blue-ness of the blue ball jar
but alas to no avail.

When I stumbled on this one little jar in the
bottom of a miscellaneous box of canning jars
at the local recycling depot today I nearly
peed my pants  - I was THAT
excited - I even did my dance of joy!

The lady who does the pricing thought I
had lost it.  She had trouble relating to my
obvious joy at finding the jar and then, if
you can believe it she said
(NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, tell me it's not so)

"Someone brought in a whole case of those
last week"....whaaaa.....?????

So for now I am left with one lonely blue
jar but suddenly I feel so grown up and somehow
part of a somewhat exclusive club......

A girl can dream.....

What to do with the one jar.......?

Maybe something like this!

Hope you're having a great weekend
and remember....


Decorating with Cents said...

Peggy, I always enjoy reading your blog, a good dose of smiles for the morning....Congrats on your 1 blue jar!

Anonymous said...

I love those beautiful blue jars! Lucky find!

Dawna said...

I have a few blue jars and they are so great!! I love that you used yours for a utensil holder...wishing you much happiness as you enjoy your blue jar!!

Erin said...

I love blue glass Mason jars. Have a collection myself;-) Did you see the Country Living project where they made these into soap dispensers? So cute!

Love your blog. Check mine out if you get a min. ;-) The Lemonista