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Friday, 28 October 2011

Waiting on the Mail......

Well there's one thing I have learned for sure
 "snail-mail" is called that for a reason! 
 Sherry for Decorating with Cents finally rec'd
her necklace from my giveaway here
 (seems like eons ago!)

To add to the slow mail dilemma - I had packed
the original necklace and couldn't find it!
(Still don't know which box it is in).
Thankfully Sherry was happy to take
this one in it's place!

Thanks Sherry for sharing your win: 
check Sherry's blog Decorating with Cents out here:

 I am linking up to Rebecca's Meet Me Monday #9
here.  Please join me for the fun of meeting each other
and discovering some new bloggy friends!


Audrey said...

Love your necklace...I make jewelry too.
Audrey at said...

Love your necklace! Thank you so much for the mention about the party!!! That was so sweet to see! I need that tonight. I can't wait to see what you share next. I have something neat planned for next weeks party! I think you will like it! Love, Me