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Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Little Cabinet That Could.....

It took me a while to finish this little cabinet - not the painting
part but the handles.  I had mismatched handles so had to
spray paint them to match (ORB).
This is a first for me - "real" chalk paint - I used BC produced
Vangogh Chalk Paint in "Patina".  Good news - I really love the
colour and liked the paint - but even better news to me - my homemade
chalk paint is still my favourite.  I just didn't see a big enough
bang for my buck (40+ of them).  I waxed the cabinet with
beeswax (in a dark format) and love the finished feel!
This little cabinet was a curb find - can you believe
someone would pitch this cutie out?

Please don't mind the lousy staging - in a hurry to finally get
this post done!
This cute little sparkly Easter bunny and chick were in a 99
cent bag at Sally Ann (I guess that a dollar now with no pennies!)
This little ceramic rabbit was also a dollar find at the Sally Ann
along with the little nest and eggs.
Lots more posts to follow this week....and did I mention that
while I was on a blogging break I did a little of this?



Phyllis @Around the House said...

Love your cute little cabinet, you did a wonderful I cannot believe it was found on the curb,,who knew...Love the cute little Easter sweeties...

Rob Hunt said...

Nice cabinet good job on giving it a new life! Welcome back! Starting to look like Easter.

Carol said...

The chest turned out beautifully, Peggy! I love the color. I don't understand the why and how of the things people toss to the curb. Our town does a free pick up once a month of anything you want to get rid of, and it's always amazing to see what people toss. We've done some "curb-diving," too -- it feels kind of sneaky, but is so much fun!

Tobeystrashortreasure said...

Love the cabinet and the handles, you did a great job Peggy. I am seriously going to start making more of my own chalkpaint, getting too expensive to buy it all the time. love the lil bunnies too. hugs Tobey

Anne said...

love it! and those knobs are gorgeous!

Janae said...

The table is really cute good find especially for free! My mom makes her own chalk paint too and has said the same thing about hers being just as good as the real stuff!

Carol said...

It turned out so sweet -- love the color!