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Monday, 16 April 2012

Anybody Out There?

At less than a year old (my blog that is) I feel ok about saying
I am not really sure about how to go about doing a giveaway.
I tried one early on and only had two entries so I know I need to
do something more radical (thank you to the 2 who entered)! 
As a recent winner of a spectacular giveaway - I am anxious to
pay-it-forward and so, on my recent vacation I collected little
items that have now accumulated to be a nice giveaway - as
a little bonus I am throwing in a $25 Michael's gift card.  The total
value of the giveaway is about $75 and it's filled with delightful
goodies including a lovely keepsake box.
I want to increase my readership at the same time's
the YOU want to host my giveaway?  It can
be open to both Canadian and US Residents. 

If you'd like to consider hosting the giveaway on your blog 
please email me @
and I can send a list of the contents along with
some photos.  In fairness - I will go with the first person who
expresses interest.......hello out there.....anybody?

Hugs and Happy Monday!

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